Dodgers Nation Eats: Arizona’s Best New York Style Deli Restaurant

One of our quests here at Dodgers Nation in 2019 is finding some of the best eateries around Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium and passing along the best noms to our fan base.

In starting this quest, naturally, we started in the most logical place one can start for a site revolving around a Los Angeles based baseball team — Arizona.

With Cactus League spring training baseball in full swing, our team took a trip to Arizona to watch our Dodgers prepare for the upcoming season. During our time there, we hit a couple of local favorite restaurants.

First up: Chompie’s

Chompie’s has been a staple in the valley of the sun for just over 40 years. Known as “Arizona’s New York Deli,” Chompie’s got it’s start in AZ in 1979 serving bagels.

My parents saw that Arizona didn’t have any good bagels, so they decided that they were going to open up a bagel shop. Valentine’s day was 40 years here in the valley for us. – Neil Borenstein, owner of Chompie’s

Over the years, the menu has vastly expanded from only bagels, but they remain a staple in the day-to-day for Neil and crew.

Enjoy our visit to Chompie’s

As mentioned, over the years Chompie’s has expanded from humble beginnings to 5 locations in the greater Phoenix area.

Visit the Chompie’s Website


As you can see from the backdrop, this Arizona restaurant is Dodger friendly for sure.

Best Breakfast Items

The potato pancake latkes are made fresh and delicious — a true staple of any breakfast. Here the latke is featured with their eggs Benedict. Each latke is served with sour cream and apple sauce.

The classic breakfast is a real treat — the sausage is amazing.

Lunch offerings

The Reuben is a highly recommended lunch item, as you can tell from Brook’s reaction in the video. Chompie’s didn’t reinvent the wheel with the Reuben, but they absolutely perfected it.

If you feel like changing it up with the classic Reuben, Chompie’s offers a fun creation called the Reuben “Chomp-a-dilla” which is, you guessed it, a Reuben sandwich in a quesadilla.

If you’re into competitive eating, you can try the Ultimate Slider Challenger! Adam Richman of Man v. Food couldn’t handle the “five-pound platter of twelve Jewish Sliders and mountain of onion strings in thirty minutes or less,” but you know you can!

Spring Training Special

Every year, Chompie’s caters to the many baseball fans in town for spring training by offering a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE hamburger or chicken sandwich at all locations!

Other offerings

Chompie’s features a wide array of deli favorites, and sweet treats. They are also proud to offer keto friendly, and gluten free breads; and they will even ship straight to your door!

Chompie’s Online Store

Check out more Chompie’s on their website, or on their social media accounts!

Don’t wait until next spring training season, get out to Arizona when the Dodgers face the D-backs and find yourself a Chompie’s!


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