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Dodgers New 2020 Nike Uniforms Unveiled

While many mock-ups have been shown, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not officially shown the new 2020 Nike uniforms. That is, until Monday.

Finally, we have a look at the new uniforms that will be worn by the Dodgers in 2020; complete with the Nike swoosh on the front. Therefore, here is a look at the new threads in all their glory:

The Los Angeles Dodgers boast a proud tradition when it comes to uniforms, especially their home white edition. Remember, it was just earlier this year that they were voted to have the best uniform in the big leagues by other players around baseball. That’s something to hang your hat on, no pun.

Now, that tradition lives on with the same sleek and clean look that we have always known. However, there’s just that one minor addition to it all. And every big league team will have it due to Nike paying the dollars to get it on the front of all uniforms.

Equally important, what do you think of the logo on the front? Does it bother you? do you hardly notice it? Without question, this will be the first time that any type of logo and or advertisement has been shown on the front of baseball uniforms in the history of the sport.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts!

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  1. Lame. Pretty soon baseball uniforms will be like soccer uniforms where it’s just nothing but ads

  2. Like it better without–but doesn’t bother me too much. That being said I don’t buy Nike. Ever.

  3. It sucks that the Nike swoosh is on the front of the uniforms. It should be on the sleeve or the back of the neck if it has to be anywhere. They have ruined the look of the classic Dodger uniform!

  4. Just don’t do it.
    The Dodgers already have enough money; let’s be unique, the only team sans advertising. Please!
    Just don’t do it.

    1. If it helps, all teams are doing it. Looks even worse (stands out more on the Yankees).

  5. And! How about winning the world series for once , oh better yet get rid of Dave Roberts now that’s news. Get me a break uniforms ?

  6. No big deal. It’s like living by an airport. After a while you don’t even notice the sound of the planes.

    1. Haha, I like the analogy. As long as the ads or trademarks stop here I think I will be able to adjust.

  7. Stinks it Nike
    Rather had a different company that doesn’t support anti americans like the kneeling moron Kaeper*ick! Man I miss playing Fantasy Football. That dude ruined everything.

    1. Agreed, by having them on the jersey most people now associate Nike with him. Betsy Ross flag would have been way better on the jersey.

      1. I actually had my kids either throw away all their Nike gear or I blacked out the Nike symbol!

    2. My fantasy football career should have ended the day I had kids. It’s all downhill from there my friend.

      1. The kneeling during the anthem was my red line in the sand. I’m prior military and have many friends and family active and retired in the military and police. You just don’t do that during the anthem. I had been playing fantasy football for 15 years with friends and family. (along with 4 kids popping up throughout that time) I actually did pretty good. Had a nice stash of cash that the wife didn’t know about! lol

  8. Should of been place under the LA on the sleeve, otherwise it remains the same as it has been for years. It’s acceptable.

  9. I don’t like the swoosh. I don’t understand why changing vendors from Majestic to Nike is important. Just leave things alone. I am so tired of seen all these teams doing alternative uniforms. I just bought my first authentic Dodger jersey last year and even have the ‘NEWK’ patch and now it’s going to be outdated. It’s just another way of making money off of the fans. If the players wear it, then we will want it also since it’s authentic. Dodgers need to focus on next season and bring in both Rendon and Cole. They have the resources to do it. Also, please do not trade our fan favorite Kike Hernandez. I would rather see Taylor go. Kike is a great player and can play multiple positions and keeps things fun and lively in the dugout.

    1. Majestic did a fine job. Nice little company who did things quietly and respectfully. In the end, the almighty dollar won out. It always does.

  10. Nike is importing most products(shoes), from overseas. Have CK as its spokesidiot. I’ll pass on their products and don’t like the swoosh on our beautiful, traditional style Dodger unis.

  11. Yes,I totally agree with those who support the American flag or, Betsy Ross flag !!!!! And salute those who DISAGREE with that so called Quarterback, I don’t even want to mention his name , the Idiot disrespected everyone who Fought, was wounded or just in the Military and the American people of United States.Nike should really have thought twice about supporting that clown. I have a lot to do with sports in my home town and will not purchase any NIKE equipment whatsoever and I mean in a big way .I have been a Dodger fan since the 60’s and so totally disappointed in what they have done. They forgot or never cared who made this country what it is today…. FREE…. go play in Russia ,get rid of that NIKE CRAP.

  12. The Dodgers should put the” NIKE ” insignia under the armpit ,after what that so called , has been quarterback ,did to disgrace the American people who sacrificed everything to keep America free. The Dodgers also should be ashamed in supporting them both. The has been quarterback and the sports company that starts with a “N” all about money , just ………GREED ……… Go Dodgers.

    1. Johnny
      You’re an animal!
      You have a number we can call to let them know we don’t want the Nike symbol on the uniforms?

  13. I have tried in vain ,public relations not a single soul would put me through to the main source, I am chicken feed to them what I or us feel.I even tried some politicians I am hoping can get me to the right person just to be heard if get any info I’ll pass it on .Thank you ….F.D. Roberts

  14. I have tried in many ways ,just useless people who UNFORTUNATELY need to work and CANNOT connect me to the people That need to know , they will eventually find out when there stocks and profits decline and continue to sink to the very lowest ,that people are human and care about the U S A , and not some washed up conceded quarterback or a company that thinks mainly of itself, again when profits drop they will know why they should have taken better measures, and weather we like it or not we have to see that…. EMBLEM ….. thank you F D ROBERTS for the offer to contact Nike

  15. Makes saving $100-$200 super easy. I have said, it is best to keep your old jersey with no name, and use Velcro lettering. The names and players change like the weather. The new Nike shirts with the little Dodgers’ logo is another hideous marketing scam.

  16. Interesting MLB obviously has the power to put any logo on every licensed MLB uniform. I never heard owners complain. Fans never had a say. Should we have a say.? Apparently no one.

  17. We hate it! Please remove it so we don’t have to get a Sharpie to Camouflage it into the uniform. We’ve had enough changes in 2020!!!

  18. They are ugly! Just ugly! I think the team should vote whether to keep them or not. It is no wonder why some of the players put their socks over the pants. And once again Nike laughs all the way to the bank!

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