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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Confirms Dave Roberts Will Return as Manager in 2024

Dave Roberts will be returning as the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2024. Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman confirmed the news on Tuesday in his annual exit interview alongside general manager Brandon Gomes.

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all, as Roberts had arguably his best year as manager of the Dodgers in 2023. Despite all the injuries and all the roster turnover and all the young players coming in, the team still managed to win 100 games and win the division by 16 games.

Unfortunately, for the second straight season, the team had a disappointing NLDS exit at the hands of a divisional rival. However Friedman called that an “organizational failure,” and doesn’t blame one specific person or a specific group of people for the loss. He said if he did, he would make changes.

“Organizational failure means it’s on all of us,” Friedman said. “If this were one person or a small collection of people in my estimation, then we would make changes.”

Roberts and the rest of the Dodgers’ front office and staff will be tasked with figuring out how to build a team that can not only win in the regular season, but do it throughout the postseason.

But for all the Dodger fans looking for sweeping changes, you won’t be getting them this year.

Like I said before Game 3 of the NLDS, Dave Roberts isn’t going anywhere.

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  1. If Fraudman and Uncle Fester (Gomes) think that Roberts is the reason they won 100 games then shouldn’t he also be the reason we consistently fail in the postseason. We have a team meeting the day before the final playoff game that Roberts decides to not go?!?!? Lasorda would have been the first there and the last to leave and it would have been mandatory!!! Roberts may be a nice person but sometimes you need a not so nice guy leading. Get Iron Mike Scioscia in there!!

  2. I guess this makes sense. This is only the first year they’ve ever had a terrible rotation in the Playoffs and haven’t won a world series. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  3. Everyone feels the frustration RSIII expresses, but I will ask this? Is it the manager or the players? You can lead the horse (team) to water (playoffs), but you can make it drink (win). Where is the fire in the belly of the players to win. Why are not you asking for the heads of the lead off bats who failed to appear. The managers job is the put the best players he has on the field to beat the other team. Dave Roberts patched the team together decimated by injuries starting in spring training, and still won 100 games. If there is any question whether he should return, it should be for how many more years can the Dodgers secure him?

  4. Could not agree more. Anybody been watching the Phillies, well I have. I also reside in Pennsylvania. All of the players on their team are stepping up to the plate. When the lights shine the brightest their stars come to play, ours not so much.

  5. The Roberts defenders, like Alex and Harry. want to lay any credit for success on Roberts, but blame only the players. Did the players let Lynn give up 4 homers in one playoff inning for the first time in MLB history? Did the players decide to start a less than 100% Kershaw in game 1, then pile on the pressure to Bobby Miller in a “must win” game 2? Did the players make line up adjustments to potentially tweak and motivate guys? Mooke has been DOA two years in a row in the playoffs. He leads off, the rest of the team follows. If he’s not getting it done., isn’t it incumbent on the manager to try someone else? Yes, I’ve been watching the Phillies. But Harry, what is Rob Thomson saying to them? Right…neither one of us knows. But two years in a row getting to and likely winning the NLCS? 3 years in a row…NLCS loss, two devastating losses in NLDS to teams we were 18, 22, and 16 games better than. The crucible of the playoffs is where Roberts has been failing. 2013 – 15, Mattingly lost in the same exact rounds and was dismissed. And he NEVER had this lineup and never lost 6 in a row, or 8 of last 10 playoff games.

  6. The Trans Nuns fiasco cooked the Dodgers buns this season. No way was Almighty God letting this organization mock his Church, and then win the Championship. Roberts is still a loser, but this not on him. On LAD organization.

  7. Roberts left a pitcher in a game after giving up 2 homers. Then left him in after giving up a 3rd homer. Then after giving up the 4th he pulled Lynn. Yet when pitchers have a perfect game going or a no hitter, he doesn’t hesitate to pull them. People want to use this year’s weak rotation as an excuse for Roberts, but the truth of the matter is that even when he has had great rotations, he has choked in the playoffs. We need a manager that get get us over the top.

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