Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Credits Team’s International Department

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For multiple decades the Los Angeles Dodgers have been an organization that’s succeeded in identifying and signing international players with the capability of succeeding in the Majors.

The Dodgers’ most recent success is in Yasiel Puig, who’s rockstar persona fits well in Los Angeles, and talent has him pegged as a cornerstone for the present and future. While the Dodgers were relatively quiet during free agency, opting not to overexert themselves for the likes of Jon Lester, Max Scherzer or James Shields, they’ve had a strong presence in the international market.

Although president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has only been with the Dodgers for four months, he spoke highly of the team’s international department and players who are now available, via Bill Plunkett of the OC Register:

There certainly has been a number of very interesting guys that have become available in the last six to eight months,” Friedman said Friday. “Our international department has done a tremendous job of evaluating these players. We also have a paper trail from various international tournaments over the past few years. We’re continually evaluating opportunities where we can operate most efficiently.”

In what began with the Dodgers being linked to 19-year-old Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada has grown to include Hector Olivera, another infielder and fellow Cubans, pitchers Yadier Alvarez and Jorge Hernandez. Moncada has twice worked out for the Dodgers and in the case of the latter three players, the Dodgers have had a group on hand to watch them during showcases.

While Moncada is considered the biggest prize among the Cuban prospects, it isn’t beyond reason to believe the Dodgers will sign more than one Cuban prospect before the dust ultimately settles.


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  1. Read somewhere this Moncada Kid is an amazing physical specimen like Puig. It would be nice to get a SS or 3rd baseman for the future. I like the numbers and size of the pitcher also. It is a lot of fun to see these Cuban kids come out and wonder how good they really are as the hype has been amazing. Cannot wait for Spring Training.

    1. You are forgetting Seager there T. He is and will be the SS of the future, his size means nothing. Ripken played SS a majority of his career. Did not move to 3rd until he was in his mid 30’s

      1. I did not follow the AL in those days, Very much a NL guy. How was Ripken’s range? I have always thought SS to be the athletic position on the IF. I like to have someone that can really cover some ground and save runs. Also if you have a bit of a liability at 2nd or 3rd you can cover a little. I frankly have my doubts about someone his size being a really good SS. I am sure he fields fine, that is the balls he gets too! But What about range?

        1. 2 gold gloves…BUT..remember at this time Omar Vizquel was the premier fielding SS in the AL. Set the Orioles record for consecutive errorless games beating out a former Dodger, Mark Belanger. You can be big , graceful and have range as he proved. Honus Wagner was built like a fire plug, but is considered one of the best ever. And on a personal note…..I am a big guy, but people always were amazed by how quick I was. And on the dance floor, graceful as a swan! LOL. Seager has the same kind of tools. If needed he can move to 3rd later. There is always some wiz kid with a glove to play SS.

          1. Well is it Swan Bear or Bear Swan? Ha just kidding. I will take your opinion on it. And hopefully we will see next year. I am going to try very hard to make at least one Spring game this year to see for myself. It all depends on my work situation.

          2. The weekends are best, but make sure they are playing at Camelback if you go. Best to see them at home. If you do not know how to get there email me and I will give you directions. I used to live in Phoenix not far from the complex. and it is Sir Bear Swan !!!

  2. Olivera seems like the most solid pick. Plus he wouldn’t hurt their wallets with the %100 tax for exceeding the international signing limit like moncada would. Plus whose says seager has to move off ss so soon.

    1. They are not worried about the tax…I think it is more the 2 year signing ban if they sign him.

        1. Which is another reason, I think they are a little more interested in the 18 year old P who throws 98,.

          1. Yes not a lot of those guys around. If he turns into a 2 or 3 wth Urias and possibly Holmes or Reed they would have one helluva start to a Cheap Homegrown Devastating Rotation. You can never have too much pitching.

          2. Ok, figure all those guys 2 years away at least. Make it a solid 3….2018 rotation….Kershaw, Urias, Reed Holmes and the Cuban kid……..3 lefty’s …….not bad at all

          3. That sounds wonderful, It is all about the pitching. Plus Guggenheim will make lots of money as they will have cost controlled homegrown talent. I read that Grandal hit 320 or so in Winter League. Good sign his knee is healthy and the pitching is pretty good down there usually.

  3. Moncada 3B Seager SS Sweeney 2B Meza1B Leon C
    LHP Urias RHP Holmes…. the future infield!

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