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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman On Payroll Mindset

The Dodgers have cleared many names creating over $100 million in cap space for the team to utilize. The front office has never been afraid to make huge moves during the off-season and signs are pointing toward another blockbuster move on the horizon.

The reality of team sports comes down to one thing, how much money are you willing to spend? The question marks each season for all teams remain the same, taking into account the risk versus reward factor.

For Andrew Friedman, he takes into account all possible factors plus a little bit more. Luckily for the fans, the only thing to worry about is seeing your team win or lose and Friedman gave fans a glimpse of what truly goes on behind the scenes (via Fabian Ardaya, The Athletic).

“Payroll decisions factor into every decision that every team makes,” Friedman said. “If you look back over the last seven, eight years, it’s probably factored in less for us than it has for the other 29 teams. But it’s still a factor.”

Part of paying for players is also willing to pay taxes on such expensive players. Even for an organization like the Dodgers, it’s something that can come back and haunt the team.

“Going over (the threshold) is something that we’ve done with regularity, and it adds cost. All of that gets factored in. It’s never been, ‘Hey, we have to get under.’ It’s been about putting the most talented team together. Now, again, obviously we have been aggressive the last two years, and not just in terms of payroll but in terms of taxes paid as well. All of that just gets factored in.”

The Dodgers have plenty of money to work with and with the team being so close to a championship caliber team the signs point towards another big off-season of spending.

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  1. I am hoping they give Vargas, Outman and either trade or bring up Busch for the position players. Give Pepiot, Stone and Grove shots at the starting roster. Maybe Miller can get better control and earn a spot.
    Do they sign a free agent SS or use in-house talent?

  2. Dodgers are kidding how good they are, highest payroll and best farm system, good luck to everyone else

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