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Dodgers News: Austin Barnes Speaks Out About Tough Season with the Bat

This season, Austin Barnes has had a rough go at the plate, and many Dodger fans want the Dodgers to find another backup catcher who can hit.

Historically, the catching position hasn’t been an offensive position. If the catcher, particularly the backup catcher, could help the pitchers and block low pitches from going to the backstop, everyone was happy. After Roy Campanella, Johnny Bench, and Mike Piazza, people began expecting offensive production from catchers.

In 2023, Barnes had a .104 batting average entering Wednesday’s game, and this is unacceptable for any major leaguer. Barnes feels the frustration.

“It’s been frustrating. Sometimes I feel pretty good and have nothing to show for it,” Barnes said. “Just been a frustrating year, for sure.”

Dave Roberts spoke about Barnes’ struggles, too.

“Obviously, on the offensive side, it hasn’t been good,” Roberts said. “He’s working his tail off to get right and worked through some things and is just not getting the results that we’d like. … When you go out there and you’re putting fingers down (as a catcher), you’re trying to navigate the pitcher and nothing seems to be working. I think he just reached his breaking point.”

The likelihood of the Dodgers replacing Barnes is still low. The Dodgers can carry Barnes’ nonexistent offense as long as Will Smith stays healthy even though they usually lose on Sundays when Barnes plays. If Smith goes on the IL, they need to find a catcher with some offensive prowess. At the trade deadline, the Dodgers have more pressing issues than acquiring a new backup catcher.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Wow! Is Austin Barnes looking to set the bar for the lowest batting average ever recorded by an LA Dodgers and still be on the team?!? Just wondering….

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