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Dodgers News: Bolsinger’s Rotation Spot in Jeopardy due to Injury

So… About that resolution in the rotation…

Not even an hour after being essentially dubbed the fifth starter, Mike Bolsinger was scratched from today’s start and now it sounds like his immediate future is in some jeopardy based on Dave Roberts’ most recent statements.

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This, via SportsNetLA’s Alanna Rizzo:

It’s hard not to feel for Bolsinger, seeing as what seems to be at stake here. As for the Dodgers’ one-time deep rotation, the hits just keep on coming.

Hyun-Jin Ryu is still deemed out until at least May, Brett Anderson remains out for the foreseeable future, Brandon McCarthy hopes to return by the All Star break and now this latest Bolsinger issue puts the team in a tough spot.

Neither Jose De León or Julio Urías looked ready to step into the rotation for at least a while. Even Lee has only made one major league start, and we know how that went. We’ve never seen a Kenta Maeda start in the major leagues, officially. Scott Kazmir’s velocity is on the uptick, but it was dangerously low earlier in the week.

Basically, the Dodgers’ spring season has not gone incredibly well in terms of setting the tone for the early part of this season on the mound. Considering how tight the division might be and how the schedule breaks down early, this is something that needs to be resolved, and relatively quickly over the next couple weeks.

It could all start with Bolsinger simply recovering from what sounds like an abdominal injury.

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  1. This is what happens when you try to build your rotation on the cheap. Obsessed with the fear that they will be stuck with an overpriced, aging pitcher five or six years from now, Friedman and Co. have rejected proven stars and instead have spent their resources signing injury-prone pitchers, aging pitchers, minor league lifers, down on their luck pitchers and outright mediocrities.
    It is truly bizarre.
    They have the best pitcher of his generation in Clayton Kershaw and instead of complementing him they have surrounded him with inferiority.
    Yes, they have some young talent in the minor leagues but history suggests most will never be impact players in the majors and those who do will mature after 2018, when Kershaw will be able to opt out of his contract and could well be pitching elsewhere, since this front office does not like to give long term contracts to pitchers over 30.
    What a waste.

  2. Blue58  Totally agree there Blue. I think they would have been better served bringing in a proven innings eater. I thought Fister was a good fit. But that is me. They still could end up trading, or using Frias as the #5. But this rotation as it now sits, scares the hell out of me…

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