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Dodgers News: Brandon Morrow Not Likely to Pitch in 2021

The Dodgers are going to need all of the help they can get with so many guys out. One area of need is certainly in the bullpen as guys continue to recover. The loss of Corey Knebel only amplified that. 

The good news is that there are a few guys on the horizon. Tony Gonsolin and David Price are both working their way up in their recovery and should join the team in the coming weeks. But one guy that will not be making a return to the Dodgers is Brandon Morrow. 

Dave Roberts briefly talked about Morrow and his progress towards a return after signing a minor league deal with the team. The Dodgers brought him on in hopes of regaining his 2017 form when he dominated in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t sound promising. 

B-Mo just hasn’t responded to treatment. I think he might actually be back at home now or at the alt site, I’m not sure. But he’s still kind of going through rehab…I think it’s the shoulder, but safe to say it’s the arm and not be specific. It’s been a tough road for B-mo and his family. I don’t even know if it’s going to be a play this year. 

The Dodgers brought Morrow in as bullpen depth for s scenario much like they are going through now. And while his injury hasn’t been specified, the 36-year-old veteran has gone through his share of injuries over his career. Doc would later confirm that Morrow has been shut down entirely and has not been throwing. 

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At this point, it’s not even a guarantee that Morrow plays beyond 2021. The Dodgers have not specified anything about his throwing program or progression all season, so he’s been a bit of a mystery since being signed. 

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    1. The Dodgers should be going down to Mexico and get as sign as many young guys they can get because even at 17, these kids have been playing organized baseball for at least three years and they will be cheaper than paying 36 years old guys to pitch which it’s waisted money. Also, these Mexican kids don’t really need that much coaching, just remember Fernando Valenzuela. Just don’t overload their innings pitching like Fernando and these kids will last you forever. All the Dodgers have to do is trust them and develop them.

      1. if only it were that simple. Julio certainly didn’t set the world on fire his first few seasons. Freddie was a one-off. No one else like him from any country when he threw Opening Day as a last minute replacement for the ace. and proceeded to light it up!

  1. I still like the Dodgers picking up Morrow. If they win the WS in 2021, they should give a ring to Morrow to replace the one that was stolen from him, and the Dodgers, in 2017. He was amazing in 2017. I hope he still has some juice left for 2022.

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