Dodgers News: Chris Heisey Expected To Be Recalled On Wednesday

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired outfielder Chris Heisey from the Cincinnati Reds this winter for minor-league pitcher Matt Magill without much explanation behind the move.

It was no secret that the Dodgers had too many outfielders for just three starting spots, so another outfielder was not expected. Heisey wasn’t expected to make the team out of the spring, especially if they were unable to make a deal to rid themselves of an outfielder.

Heisey struggled at the plate this spring, hitting just .100 in 26 games with 11 strikeouts. He didn’t make the Opening Day roster and was sent to Triple-A to begin the year. In 10 games for the Oklahoma City Dodgers, the 30-year-old is hitting .257 with four home runs and seven RBIs. He’s still dealing with a strikeout problem, racking up 12 in 35 at-bats.

According to Mark Saxon of ESPN LA, the Dodgers are planning to recall the outfielder this week:

At first, it would be expected that a player would be going to the disabled list in order to make room for Heisey, but Yasiel Puig, who was dealing with a hamstring issue, is in the starting lineup for Tuesday’s game. The Dodgers began the year carrying 14 position players, but made that 13 last week after promoting and rotating David Huff, Carlos Frias and finally, Adam Liberatore.

Heisey can play all three outfield positions and behind Joc Pederson, is probably the best defensive center fielder on the 40-man roster. The Dodgers will need to make another move this week, as they are expected to find a spot starter for a game this week. It’s possible that Heisey could be up until the Dodgers promote whoever will start that game.


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  1. Something weird is up. Why is crawford playing against lincecum, and not van slyke? Why on earth are they bringing up heisey, and who are they sending down? This doesn’t make sense, unless something is wrong with van slyke, which is not reported, or some kind of trade is about to happen.

    1. Jackson…..CC is a lefty…Lincecum throws right…..SVS up until the other day has never hi righty’s exceptionally well…as for Heisey being here…..I am stumped, unless they are going to DL Uribe

      1. oh right. lincecum hits left but throws right, oops. well at least that makes sense. I thought they would bring up heisey if they were going to DL Puig, but really surprised they are playing Puig, since hamstrings can linger all season if you don’t give them time to heal. Hopefully it is minor, and not an issue.

  2. Lincecum is right handed why wouldn’t Crawford be in the line-up. The question is why is Puig starting with a sore hammy instead of Either who has been hitting well lately and yes why did Heisey get called up

  3. There’s a trade brewing. The only position that makes sense is a SP. Everything else is solid and has plenty of depth. I’m guessing we lose ethier or svs, maybe Anderson and some cash. The Phillies wouldn’t mind replacing Howard at first and both ethier and svs can play it and hit well so far. The Phillies want to rebuild. Svs is young and has potential. Probably should be starting somewhere…we’ve been linked to hamels for a while and they said when they traded for heisey that it didn’t look like they knew what they were doing, but had a plan. He’s there to replace an OF tonight. Maybe we lose two OF even…they were going to insert a AAA guy between Kershaw and greinke…maybe instead they’ll be starting a new SP that we are trading for today…
    That’s what I’m betting on.
    All signs point to losing an OF or two, and gaining a SP. There is definitely something fishy and it’s big, IMO

    1. Doubt that…..would have been rumbling on FOX or somewhere…..so far nothing, not a peep…

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