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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Headed to the Injured List And Mitch White Recalled

The Dodgers are going to have to load up with bullpen arms this week. After an extra-innings games drained their relievers on Tuesday night, they are going to throw a full bullpen game on Wednesday. That comes just a few days after they threw one in Washington DC. 

The expectation is that there will be at least 5 guys ready for the Dodgers tonight. That will include Mitch White who got the recall today by Los Angeles. White has done a few stints with the team and appeared in 12 games. 

Across 14.1 innings of work, White has tallied a 3.77 ERA and punched out 14 batters. He has also walked 8 batters so far, with pitch command being one of his biggest struggles of the season. He is almost a lock to appear in the game tonight at some point. 

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The Dodgers also had to place Clayton Kershaw on the injured list today, which opened up the spot for White. They are calling it left forearm inflammation for Kershaw and placing him on the 10-day IL. He was scheduled to pitch for Los Angeles on Friday, but that obviously will not be happening. 

The Dodgers are expected to have Edwin Uceta, Mitch White, Kenley Jansen, and Joe Kelly completely available. There could be a few other arms in the mix as well, though a few have gotten decent work the last couple of days. 

The Dodgers pushed back Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urias’ starts this week in favor of a bullpen game against Miami. Without another starter in lineup for the moment, it looks like the bullpen could be getting a ridiculous workload. 

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  1. Not Kershaw! were in trouble. We have no choice but prepare Price for the starting roll. We need his ability to win games. All bets are off

  2. Losing Kersh can be problematic. Hopefully its just a minor thing they can work out in 10 days.

  3. Everyone relax. Kershaw isn’t really hurt. The Dodgers need more fresh arms for BP game. Dodgers we’re going to have starters skip a start now and then anyway. Now Kershaw gets a rest and makes his first start after break. In order to put him on IL he has to have a “sore elbow.” Dodgers are experts at this stuff.

    1. You may be right. I’m going to believe you are correct and I’ll have a beer and just chill, despite what I just posted. Lol

    2. Yeah, they could send Walker, Julio, and Tony back to OKC after starts for remedial work. After all they only taking up roster space for their next 4 days. Management can have open tryouts for reclaimed projects during BP games. Maybe just might find that diamond in the rough. LOL. I’m just saying? The Dodger way?

  4. It seems that every season in which the Dodgers appear to have, (on paper), an embarrassment of riches regarding SP depth, the dominoes quickly fall and 6 to 8+ potential starters becomes 3 or 4. With Kershaw out now and with the “Bauer situation” the Dodgers have Urias, Buehler and Gonsolin who is still working his way back. May’s injury, Gonsolin’s injury issues, Bauer’s issues and now Kershaw’s elbow inflammation, have the Dodgers scrambling big time.

  5. All I can say is Dodgers must somehow some way fix this rotation and thankfully the ASG and break is coming up. IDK but this is somewhat of a troubling sign right now with CK going on IL. I would bet now we will see some starting pitcher deals at the deadline . You won’t or can’t win without at least enough starting pitching. wss.

  6. What the Dodgers problem is hitting. They absolutely with Roberts and apparently their coaching staff don’t have a clue on How to score a run without hitting a Homerun. They won’t hit and run “because they have no contact hitters” besides Turner Pujols and Taylor. They won’t steal bases, they won’t bunt etc etc. Are they really big League players? Seriously watching the Marlins execute all of the above these past 3 games, and watching them do everything the Dodgers won’t/can’t is not only depressing, but pathetic…And by the way, Cory isn’t going to be the tell all savior with the ineptness of the rest…

    1. True on all fronts here. If you saw tonights BP game you saw how short Dodgers are as of on the pitching depth. A minor league pitcher (Uceta) had to be used in a tie game for the bottom of 9th. We saw the results. A walk off HR for the Marlins. Oh and BTW, 13 more strikeouts by our offense.

  7. Time to package Lux and the rest of the DFA/OKC shuttle crew for a starting pitcher and a reliable catcher.

  8. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned at this point about the rotation. Buehler and Urias are approaching the highest innings pitched in their careers. Bauer being out is hurting a lot right now. He actually likes to pitch every 4th start, and talked about it before the season ever started. His ability to eat up innings would have come in handy. But the Manfred vendetta took him out. At this point, I think we need to pick up a quality starter via trade.

  9. Yesterday game was another walk off by Miami. They are playing really good baseball. The Dodgers know that everyone loves to beat them. The Dodgers are the best so it is beneficial for the challenging team to beat them. You can’t get better playing a team that is based on stats. But if your in last place go beat the Dodgers because they are the World series Champs. Every team playing against our Dodgers will always play better

  10. The best way to help out this pitching staff is play better defense and hit to score runs ! Giving extra outs on routine plays and not driving in runners when opportunities arises leads to defeats. Again the name of the game is score more than the opponents. Pitchers are doing their best under the circumstances, it’s up to position players to step it up and do their job, regardless if you’re tired. It’s only baseball, earn your pay,

    1. Too bad there’s no such thing as designator fielder where he just plays the field. Lol. Maybe Doc is waiting for that 1 in a 100 chance he’ll get hold of one. Cody needs a total overhaul, even the experts have criticized his many flaws. It’s fixable if he listens and buys in to a professional hitter’s advice , not to a computer geek who only emphasizes the launch angle.

      1. I like that idea- designated fielder! He does have a great glove. It’s his batting that just plain sucks

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