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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts is Not Happy with His 2021 Season so Far

This season has been full of highs and lows for not only the Dodgers but one of their star athletes, Mookie Betts. On Tuesday, during a press conference, Betts admitted that he has not been playing as well as he would like.

So far this season, Betts is at a .247 batting average, alongside 10 home runs. The home run leader currently has 31 right now, to put this into perspective. He also has an OPS of .812, which is above average.

He spoke about how it felt to be chosen for the All-Star game when asked by David Vassegh of SportsNetLA.

I was surprised, honestly, haven’t played that great, so definitely surprised, but obviously grateful.

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Betts is very thankful that he is respected to the point where he is still wanted as a member of the NL All-Star team, but he also feels he needs to prove himself and fans agree. Fans are skeptical about him being voted in for the All-Star game, especially considering they are used to seeing the two-time silver slugger in action. 2018 Mookie Betts is going to have to come out for fans to believe he is worthy for the All-Star game.

Overall, Betts is focused on getting better as the season continues and plans on getting the Dodgers more wins.

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    1. Betts, no matter what, can’t get those wins by himself. The rest of the offense has to do better with men on base and the lineup can’t continue to strike out 10+ times every game.

      1. Paul, you’ve mentioned several times the pitches Austin Barnes sees because the pitcher bats after him with no DH this year. You think Mookie is affected by the absence of Seager behind him?

        1. No, because you got Muncy batting 2nd. No excuses there. You pitch around Mookie, and Muncy’s discipline to balls and strikes, you would have 2 guys on base w/ JT looming.

        2. Shaka808U answered that question you raised well enough. Something else may be going on with Mookie that the team is being hush hush about. After all, his current ave of .247 or thereabouts is by far the lowest at any point in his career..

  1. Sorry, but Mookie is getting paid the Mega Bucks and it is expected of him to carry the team. Striking out 3 times w/ runners on base is not cutting it. Same goes w/ the other millionaire stars under performing tonight. JT, basic fundamentals screw-ups, Smith’s bad habits in blocking balls, sloppy defense, and losing to a lowly second rate Marlins . Overall very terrible and ugly presentation of a world champion.

    1. A little tighter defense in that last inning and a timely hit or 2 instead of striking out in key situations earlier in this game and we would not have had to even see a 10th inning.

    2. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Shaka808U.
      These guys are really screwing things up.
      The overall playing is terrible. Nobody’s doing their part and should be ashamed of going to the all star game. The only guys I would take are Urías and Buehler. The way Roberts is managing the Dodgers, he will probably lose the all star game too.

      1. No one wants to mention Robert’s sitting McKinstry and Beattie while playing Pollock who doesn’t hit righties
        Watching him strike out in clutch situation was painful

      2. Correcto Mundo…..Roberts continue o utilize the shift when oppo runners are in scoring position is not playing smart defense,,,,he has Muncy batting 2 who should be 4th,,,Bellinger needs tone send back to AZ to improve his swing and stance,,,,He is a dud….

        CT should be second behind BETTS, but Betts needs to stop half shining on the outside pitch,,, I heard Joe Davis say that the Dodgers are a declined team and don’t chase pitches ….I like to know what Dodgers teams he’s speaking of. This team leads MLB in RISP and K’s on third strike being out of the zone,,,,

        Time for Dodgers Baseball to WAKE UP!!

        Run n Hit, bunt runners over with less than 2 outs and stealing so bags wins games…..WAKE UP Roberts……

  2. I was wondering WHO was the team that actually WON a World Series??? Marlins playing almost PRO ball, Dodgers weak all around. By far, Not a Championship team.

  3. Getting back to Mookie, IMO, which doesn’t mean much, but I see a timid Mookie ever since he got hit on the hands. The league is crowding him inside and getting him out down and away making him guessing a lot. I also notice his swing has changed to the launch angle nonsense, resulting in roll overs to the left or weakly sliced pop-ups. He used to have a strong top hand barrel flat to the ball giving off a solid line drive w/ backspin. Mookie must get on base foremost to play HIS game .

    1. Hits on the hands exactly
      Turner has been HBP 84 times since becoming a dodger,. He and several other dodgers have missed games due bruised or breaks from getting hit
      . Case in point Seagers broken hand
      In a recent game three dodgers were HBP, two in the head.and the mgr stands there and shakes his, the players go meekly to first and guys keep getting hit
      I’m a dodger fan way back. As far back as that bum Durocher. But at least Leo would have sent a messag and I think Alston and Tommy as well. Hit my players? Tell your hitters to duck

      1. Baseball as it should be played……

        Hit mine….I hit yours…….Give me a Drysdale any day,,

  4. Mookie is being paid like a superstar, but his performance this year is just above average. There is no way he should be on the All Star team.

    By the way, it’s a travesty that one or more of our pitchers isn’t on the team

  5. Plus Bellinger stays in the cleanup spot despite hitting in the .180’s and Pollock stays in the lineup vs RHP (3 strikeouts in 3 AB’s last night). Offense is pathetic.

  6. My concern regarding Betts is that he says in interviews that it’s challenging for him this season to have to adjust to his body not allowing him to do the things he’s done in the past. He says he is not physically able to be himself and it’s a learning experience regarding what he can and can’t do.
    So that being said, is he hurt? Is it his back, his shoulder, his forearm that was hit by a pitch?
    Maybe, it’s a combination of all of those nagging injuries. He and Roberts continue to be very vague about what’s ailing Betts and why he feels like he’s not quite capable of doing the things he’s always been able to do. It’s concerning to see Betts really struggle when he has to chase down a fly ball or run full speed around the bases, which often results in him stumbling. Something’s not right and Betts, most games, has been just “another player” out there–very ordinary.

    1. W&T you might be on to something ‘cause I have the same feeling. His game and demeanor doesn’t look like Mookie. He has taken days off more than anytime in his career. Also his swing is different and his running is not smooth and fluid where he lets up a lot. I also think he should check up on his vision, he’s not looking right.

    2. I haven’t heard anything concerning his body won’t do the things necessary for him to produce like usual. I’d sure like a link to that.

  7. I just want to know why they are paying him millions.. and why 10 years.. can’t imagine 10 yrs with him….he has done nothing!!

  8. To lose to the Marlins you better study what happened in both games. Mookie Betts I really like him and I am certain he can rise to the top again. His D grade is hard on him and I would say a B-. and the knats flying in the face of the batters and pitcher at Dodger Stadium was picked up by my large High def Television. They were everywhere. Get rid of them

  9. Mookie’s lost his fire and focus for some reason. Wish that reason could be identified, addressed and corrected. This team can’t have a .247 hitter on top of the lineup because the rest is severely lacking in consistency. I’d be gets back on track and Seager goes on a mega million Scott Boras mission, the offense will improve dramatically
    On the other hand, Bellinger looks like he’s in a drug induced coma. Doesn’t even look like the same guy. Can it be Giancarlo Stanton’s ex girlfriend he’s now rumored to be patenting with soon? She’s not Betty White by any stretch.

  10. I fail to understand why Pollock is playing against right handed pitchers and Mckinstry stays on the bench?

  11. Mookie is not hungry, he’s rich and won’t even steal a base when we need one the most. This Dodgers team is reminding me of the Movie Major league, ” I Liked you when you were just a ball player Dorn! “”

  12. We’re not Happy either in fact very disappointed !! Wish we had Verdugo back, spark plug, who gives his all, all the time.

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