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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Talks Charity and Family

Long time Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw has had himself a busy off-season thus far. On top of hosting his annual Country Music Benefit Concert in Dallas last week…

…he and wife Ellen are also putting in charitable work in Dallas. Along the way, the veteran sat down with NBC Dallas-Fort Worth to discuss something bigger than baseball: his family. The three-time Cy Young award winner and former MVP recently made an appearance at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in his hometown of Dallas, where both of his in-laws have been treated.

He has known his in-laws for over 15 years, as he began dating his wife Ellen when they were 15 years old.

“It is such a tightknit family and cancer affects everyone in the family,” Kershaw told NBC.

He then brought up his children, Cali and Charley, and how they inspired him to make a difference through Kershaw’s Challenge.

“When we had our first kid, Cali, and she is almost five now, it really does, you just want to give her the world. To see kids that might not have the same opportunities, you just want to take care of them in any way you can,” he said.

Of course, the Kershaws established “Kershaw’s Challenge” in an effort to help kids and families all around the world. What started as a small trip to Zambia for Ellen nearly a decade ago has become a foundation that raises funds for a variety of beneficiaries around Dallas, Los Angeles, Africa, and the Domincan Republic.

On top of “KC Live” — the annual charity concert hosted in Dallas — the Kershaws have also hosted an annual charitable ping pong tournament at Dodger Stadium in an effort to benefit Kershaw’s Challenge.

Clayton went on to say that helping others helps take his mind off his losses on the field and keeps everything in perspective for him.

It makes everything feel small in comparison. How you handle failure, and how you get through adversity — even if it’s on a smaller scale like baseball, it still kinda shows your character.

Feel what you feel about Clayton Kershaw the baseball player, but Clayton Kershaw the man is a true gem.


  1. Clayton Kershaw is a class act and a truly good person. What he does in life far outshines what he does in basdball. Though his he performs in baseball and how he faces failure also a test to his great character. CLayton, if you read this, know that there are lots of people praying for you all the time!

  2. Clayton what you have done as a Dodger has been truly amazing. But what you and Ellen have done with your Foundations is outstanding. God Bless you and your family. Congratulations on the next addition to your family.

  3. Kershaw shouldn’t have come out of retirement 2 years ago. He had just won the Cy Young Award, he still walked away as a winner despite not winning the World Series. Dodgers had Kershaw all set up to take over for Dave Roberts. Had Kershaw stayed retired, he wouldn’t have been there to pitch the back to back homeruns to the Nationals.

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