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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger and Dave Roberts Discuss Fans Running On Field

On Monday evening in Arizona, Cody Bellinger was targeted by a female fan for the second straight day (here is Sunday’s episode). Many fans in the Dodgers’ social media sphere of influence have communicated their unhappiness about this situation. While this began as something funny – and perhaps illustrates Bellinger’s rise to megastar – the tone has become serious.

Now, Jorge Castillo over has a bit more on the story for us over at the LA Times. We will summarize the situation right here.

Cody Bellinger Talks about Fan Run-On 2.0

Bellinger was held out of the lineup on Tuesday evening in Arizona. While some fans could speculate simple rest against a tough lefty in Robbie Ray, it could be a mental break for Bellinger.

The Dodgers right fielder didn’t sound too playful when giving his thoughts on the fan.

I think it could be dangerous. I know it’s innocent right now but it could be dangerous.

You can hear complete audio in the clip below.

Without question, it’s been a stressful couple of days for Bellinger emotionally. On top of the fan incidents, a foul ball he hit also struck a fan in the head. Because of this, the Dodgers elected to extend the netting around the field at Dodger Stadium.

More On The Fan in Arizona

Castillo lets us know that this rebel fan was not only arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing, but she will no longer be allowed at Chase Field in Arizona.

Moreover, it sounds like manager Dave Roberts knows that this is a concerning trend.

It kind of gains momentum and then it’s kind of something that attracts more people. You just worry about Cody in the sense of something harmful gets in people’s heads, so we’ve really got to be mindful of that and it’s unfortunate that he’s now got to worry about people coming on the field.

While it’s great that Cody Bellinger has reached rockstar status in Los Angeles, the hope is no copycat incidents take place.

We will refrain from posting an actual video from the second fan to ask, what are your thoughts on this happening to Bellinger? Does it bother you, or how does it cause you to react? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Its game, as well as player concentration, disrupting. But, most importantly, its potentially dangerous. I concur that, right now, the running on the field to hug Bellinger is “innocent.” Unfortunately, that can change…..if better safeguards are not implemented to protect players, players could be at risk for something more serious than an infatuated 14 year old girl trying to get a hug. #Codylove (BUT-at-an-appropriate-distance.)

    1. Hoping it quietly blows over, and the world (and baseball) is onto it’s next thing.

  2. The girl in LA was a 15 yr old teenager at the game with her Mom! Just a girl with a man crush. It was no big deal……….then the Arizona thing happened (which I did not even bothering following the trail on)……..with all the social media noise about this, you know it’s just going to get worse. I pasted the 15 year girls comments for ya to read……(translated, hope it’s accurate, read it in a Spanish newspaper)……..

    “I had been dying to meet him, I thought to myself that I am young now and probably this is the only time I can meet him.” I gave him a hug and said “You really did that ?!” and that’s when they tackled me. I did not even feel it, I was so excited

    My mom was not with me, she was in the bathroom, she got really mad at me when she found out what I did.”

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