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Dodgers News: Cole Hamels Experiences Setback, Out For the Season

The Dodgers were really hoping they could count on a Cole Hamels comeback this year. With so many arms injured or still on the mend, they signed Hamels to a deal for the rest of the season worth a million dollars. 

But that comeback will not be happening. The Dodgers placed Hamels on the 60-day injured list today with reported arm pain, though that was not confirmed by the team. Hamels threw a simulated game that actually ended up being only 1 inning last week. 

The Dodgers did not express any concern about his health up until this point. But regardless of how it happened, Hamels will not be a part of their plans in 2021. The team will be on the hook for his $1 million contract for the season after 1 simulated inning. 

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Hamels was scooped up in hopes that he would be ready to join the rotation by September. He missed almost all of 2020 with shoulder issues aside from 1 start in which he threw 3 innings before being shut down by the Braves. 

So instead, the Dodgers will have to pivot to another option. They still have Danny Duffy building up, though he is not expected to be available until mid September and might only be a bullpen option. 

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  1. Darn, Dodgers were really counting on him. A million dollars for 1 simulated inning. Hamels is laughing all the way to the bank. Of course in this day and age a million is pocket change, so no big deal.

  2. What a waste of a million dollars. Should have had a contingency clause that stated he be able to make the team or pitch a minimum number of innings.

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