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Dodgers News: LA Purchases Contract of Reliever Neftali Feliz, Former All-Star, ROY

Ahead of Monday night’s game, the Dodgers made a mini flurry of moves. Back home at Dodger Stadium, LA welcomes not only right-handed pitching prospect Andre Jackson, but also dipped into the Triple-A talent pool to call up veteran reliever Neftali Feliz.

The team signed the former All-Star and 2010 AL Rookie of the Year early in July and he’s been putting up solid numbers with the Oklahoma City Dodgers. In 13 games, the 33-year-old has posted a 3.38 ERA over 18.2 innings pitched.

Notably, Feliz was a guy I had in mind last when bullpen arms kept dropping for LA…

…Apparently, I jinxed him with that tweet as he allowed 4 earned runs in a recent outing in Albuquerque.

Neftali joins a mostly rested relief core in the LA bullpen but an overall tired staff as a whole. It should be noted that Dave Roberts has two bullpen games planned this week after Julio Urias was placed on the injured list.

Feliz will wear uniform number 25.

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  1. I was at that game in Albuquerque. He was the starter and got roughed up in an eventual 11-10 OKC win. Didn’t look like anything special that day.

  2. I guess BP games, 1 or even 2 each week will be the norm for now. Tough to make up ground but tonight they got through it behind 2 HR’s and pitching that held Pirates to 1 run.

  3. Andre Jackson was stellar tonight. His debut was a big success although idiot Roberts couldn’t resist putting Bellinger at 1B instead of CF after he pinch hit for AJAX.
    He made an aggregious error thereby screwing Graterol out of a scoreless outing. Of course the Dumbledore did it sn inning later. Its tedious watching this buffoon “manage” all of this talent. He’s the reason we are 5 games back of SF. He’s got to go.

    1. Jackson did a great job, loved the way he battled out there.
      I thought that Roberts leaving him in to pitch to Reynolds with 2 on and 2 out in the 5th was very risky. I was smellin’ trouble.
      Jackson hung one to Reynolds who just missed it, hitting the fly out to RF.
      That was a key in the game. All credit to Jackson and the gamble by Roberts paid off, this time.

  4. It seems like we get a new releiver every other day. We should install a revolving door in the bullpen. Nobody can accuse AF of being lazy. On the bright side, the Dodgers are winning 1 run games, extra inning games, and have won 8 out of the last 10. And they will have to maintain that pace to catch the Giants who have also won 8 of their last 10.

  5. Why wouldn’t Mitch White get another start Wednesday instead of another stupid bullpen game?

      1. White may be getting the start, but if Roberts pulls him after 1 or 2 innings, it becomes a BP game. I know that come October, Roberys cannot try to get by with a BP game. Thankfully Dodgers will have at least 3 set starters Maybe there’s a 4th one but IDK. A team usually doesn’t succeed in October without enough good starting pitching.

  6. What a difference for the Dodgers’ fortunes to be winning extra inning games and close, low scoring games. It’s why they are closing in on 30 games above .500.
    Hopefully, they can keep on winning these type games with some consistency.
    Last nights’ win also highlights the importance of getting some production, any production, that impacts games, from players like McKinney.
    The McKinney caliper players the Dodgers have used this season have done virtually nothing to help the club and often they have actually subtracted from the club’s effort.
    I continue to be impressed by the few runs allowed by the Dodgers’ staff in the BP games. Don’t know if that will continue, but so far this year, the Dodgers have managed to get pretty solid pitching-by-committee.
    I see that the Giants won another game last night when their pitching staff allows 4 or more runs.
    A key to their recent success, is that, although their pitching has slid a little bit, 8 of the Giants last 16 wins have been games in which they allowed 4+ runs. Especially now that they have Bryant and a healthy B. Belt, their offense is even better than it’s been. In recent weeks the Giants’ staff has blown leads of 7-1, 5-0 (including 7-5 in the 9th) and 5-2 (in the 10th) and still pulled out the victory.

  7. Since I’m sure that this is a very controversial subject (I’m just quoting what Mark DeRosa just said on the MLB channel regarding Cole Hamels), this is not my opinion. This is an exact quote from Mark DeRosa at approximately 9:40 am Pacific Coast time: “Speaking of heists, Cole Hamels just…..” He obviously was stopped by perhaps the producer from saying anything further after the word “just.”. I personally am not accusing Hamels of anything. Now, here is what I know. The Dodgers wanted to acquire Hamels for many, many years, but Hamels never wanted to be a Dodger. I don’t know if Hamels hated the Dodgers or just didn’t want to live on the west coast. This is all I dare say without being censored. Everyone can draw their own conclusions. In general, when any ballplayer approaches the end of his career, sometimes desperation plays a role if the player made poor investments over the years or if he squandered his salary or has massive debt due to massive mortgage payments or whatever. In this scenario, a player can become desperate. Look at what Bernie Madoff did to Sandy Koufax. Just terrible.

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