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Dodgers News: Colletti Says Mark Ellis Brings Value To Organization

The Dodgers are on the verge of signing Cuban second baseman Alexander Guerrero to a four-year $28 million contract, adding to their already impressive international signing list.

Guerrero and the Dodgers were close to a deal on two other occasions, but it looks like the 26-year old has finally agreed to a deal. Going into the offseason, the Dodgers have a $5.75 million option on incumbent second baseman Mark Ellis.

To many, the Guerrero signing signaled the end of his tenure with the Dodgers, but GM Ned Colletti left the door open for his return in his season-ending press conference:

Mark Ellis still has value to the organization, with our without Guerrero

The Dodgers can buyout Ellis for $1 million and if they decide to do that, it sounds like they wouldn’t rule out bringing him back in a reserve role. In 126 games this season, Ellis hit a solid .270 with six home runs and 48 RBI as he primarily hit out of the number two spot in the lineup, which wasn’t desirable by many.

Colletti mentioned that Guerrero is likely to play second base at the big league level, but it’s clear he has the versatility to play multiple positions next season. While it was presumed that Guerrero would start with the team out of spring training, it sounds like he could play at the minor league level before being brought up to the big club.

Obviously, Ellis isn’t worth the $5.75 million he’s owed in 2014, but Colletti is keeping the door open for the 36-year-old to return in some capacity in 2014.


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