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Dodgers News: Danny Duffy Still Has Time to Return As a Reliever

When the Dodgers traded for Danny Duffy at the trade deadline this year, it was about as low of a risk as they could’ve hoped for. A guy of his caliber usually costs a decent prospect in a trade, but an injury made that deal look much different. 

Duffy has yet to pitch for the  Dodgers, and that might actually play into their favor. The tier of players available to the Royals as part of the deal depends entirely on how much he can pitch in 2021. But he still working his way back from a flexor strain that has shut him down since Mid-July. 

But according to Dave Roberts, there is still time for Duffy to get back as a reliever. And given the Dodgers need for a good left-handed arm out of the bullpen, it could work out perfectly. 

There is still time. From what I understand, he felt good. I think if you look at Duff, to be a 2 inning monster or something like that, I still think there is time for that to get left and to get right out. One thing I know and it’s an easy bet, he’s going to do everythng he can to be active and to help us win a championship. I just really personally want the best for him. 

Duffy has pretty even splits against left and right-handed hitters in 2021. And for the most part, that’s been the story of his entire career. He can get both sides of the plate out which will play up for the Dodgers in October. 

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The only question at this point is how quickly he can progress. One setback for Duffy at this stage in the season would likely mean his year is done and the Dodgers would have to move on. But getting that veteran arm as a multiple inning guy late in the year could be exactly what they need. 

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  1. If this guy gets healthy, he can be the surprise of the post season. That is, assuming we don’t end up in a one game wild card game and draw Blake Snell.

      1. Not if Roberts throws Sherzer and finds a way to rest the entire pen if it goes extras. Also maybe Roberts will give Beaty a spot on the roster? What am i thinking Paul?

        1. Kirk, good question. If Scherzer pitches in that game , great, then we worry about the offense. Even with yesterday’s win, did you notice the offense did ZERO after the 3rd inning meaning 1 for 26 the rest of the way. Hopefully Beaty will be on roster by then because honestly, Kirk, we know Bellinger cannot be on the PS roster the way he’s going right about. But all I can say otherwise is
          That’s Roberts for ya.

        2. Bottom line is that right about now, Bellinger really cannot be put on PS roster but Roberts will have him on it no matter what. Ok maybe for late inning defense but he’s so lost right now that can the team really afford to start him in each October game the Dodgers play? I think we know that answer.

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