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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Hints At Kenta Maeda October Move To Bullpen

Kenta Maeda ended a long skid of tough starts on Saturday night by throwing 7 shutout innings to help give the Los Angeles Dodgers a win. Still, his status for the October playoff roster is up in the air until the Dodgers proclaim one way or another what his role will be.

Now, Dave Roberts is being diplomatic in talking about that subject to Bill Plunkett of the OC Register. However, it seems that Maeda could be on the outside-looking-in when the leaves begin to turn color and playoff bunting is hung at Chavez Ravine.

Furthermore – when Roberts talked about the subject – he stopped short of saying that Maeda would definitely be in the bullpen in October. Rather, he simple left it open as a possibility; as managers often do.

“Anything is possible,” Dodgers manger Dave Roberts said on the topic before Saturday’s game. “We still have a lot of baseball to play.”

Maeda’s start for Los Angeles Saturday night was a huge turn in the right direction if he’s trying to begin to make a case. Moreover, in his previous dozen appearances before it, he was 0-6 with a 5.26 ERA.

With that said, Maeda didn’t seem to let on if he minds coming out of the pen in the postseason when asked about it after the game.

“The postseason is a whole different story. I’ll think about it once we get there,” he said. “But as of now, my job during the season is to pitch as a starter. So that’s not really on my mind as of now.”

Obviously, the Dodgers have their entrenched horses within the rotation you can use a permanent marker on. Beyond that, someone will contend for a fourth start which ends up being a creative area in postseason play for most teams.

While it’s difficult to say what area Maeda could help the Dodgers most when that time comes – the manager said it best. There is some baseball left to be played, and the rest of the season should serve as what hardens the cement and provides the answer.

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  1. Maeda has been effective out of the bullpen the last two postseasons. He is the Dodgers fifth starter when the rotation is healthy and he has been up and down as a starter. Of course he will be in the bullpen for the playoffs. So when Roberts wants to equivocate it would be good if somebody could read between the lines. Otherwise we have an article where Dodgers Nation is equivocating about Bill Plunkett equivocating about Dave Roberts’ equivocation. So much fun to read.

  2. But Maeda has an incentive-laden contract. How does he feel about being less likely to hit his milestones because he’s in the ‘pen?

    Does the player’s union care that the Dodgers are messing with his $$$?

  3. I believe the $$$ incentives are only for the regular season. May take a small hit if he makes the move to the pen for final couple of weeks.

  4. If Hill will be used out of the pen as Roberts indicated, who then would be the fourth starter? I’m not sold that May or Gonsolin have shown enough or would be ready for that pressure. I really think it would be hard to put both Hill and Maeda in the pen. But there’s seven weeks left, so maybe May will prove me wrong.

  5. May and Gonsolin to the pen for the playoffs not Hill. You need the experience and Hill has done well in the playoffs

  6. May will be the fourth starter, while Madea will join the BP along with KJ, Baez, Kelly, Urias, Hill Gonsolin, and the guy we just sent down. Garcia is going to miss the WS!!!! Go Blue!!!!

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