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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Will Be Next Manager

So much for waiting until the weekend passed to name a manager, huh?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reportedly hired Dave Roberts — who is now the first minority manager in the franchise’s history.

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Dylan Hernandez and Bill Shaikin both reported the news.

Here’s Bill:

And here’s Dylan, who appears to have beaten Bill by a minute:

Roberts started the hiring process as a dark horse, but blew away the front office with his first interview. It is pretty interesting that Gabe Kapler (widely reported as Andrew Friedman’s person choice) did not get the job, which shows more of an open mind than the general manager tends to get credit for.

I’d imagine we’ll start to hear more news about the coaching staff coming together in the next few days, and it’ll be interesting to see if Kapler stays on either in his current role or a higher propensity.

We had previously heard Rick Honeycutt was given an extension to be the pitching coach, but Friedman later rebutted those reports.

Now, the Dodgers can shift their attention to personnel decisions alongside the manager who will be guiding those players. (My advice: keep that Greinke guy around)


Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweeted out the contract details for Roberts, here’ what he had to say.

The Dodgers have employed eight managers since Tommy Lasorda. Here’s to hoping Roberts outlasts at least that first contract and sticks around a while.

Nightengale also mentioned several players telling the front office they preferred Roberts, too, so it’s good to see he’ll be starting with at least that type of momentum. Every little bit helps.

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  1. I don’t think open mindedness had anything to do with Roberts hiring.  I don’t think Dodger ownership was too thrilled at the too cozy connection with Kapler.  And it’s clear now, with what has come out that the players preferred Roberts and also signs that Kapler’s New Age ways might not have been so popular in the clubhouse.  Also, the suntanning the privates tended to set him up as appearing foolish.  Not a great first step.  Finally, for Friedman to pick Kapler after the big show of the interviews would make Friedman the foolish one.

  2. Open mind my heinie…..the FO asserted itself and did not want a Fried brain lackey in charge….Roberts has my vote….Kapler was too much of a yes guy..

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