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Dodgers News: DBacks’ Kevin Towers Upset At Dodgers Spending Ways

Given the recent surge by the Dodgers that all of the sudden sees them atop of the N.L. West, teams are now becoming jealous of not only the success of the Dodgers, but also the roster that has been put in place.

When the Dodgers decided to put this roster together and take on the kind of payroll that they have, the expectations went through the roof. Now that they are performing up to expectations, the critics have silenced and now jealousy has finally set in.

According to Adam Green of, Arizona Diamonbacks General Manager Kevin Towers criticized the Dodgers for not being the best scouting organization but that they just throw money around:

“When you have that wherewithal financially it doesn’t mean you’re the best scouting organization, just you have the wherewithal to go out and buy what you want.”

You can understand the frustration that must be setting in with the DBacks as they’ve watched their one time 9.5 game lead in the N.L. West come and go. After the Dodgers improbable comebacks the past two nights, it doesn’t look like the Dodgers have any plans of slowing down.

What might make matters worse for the DBacks is the fact that with the trading deadline approaching, the Dodgers still have the financial flexibility to add to the roster.

Towers frustrations with the Dodgers spending ways stems back to when they outbid the rest of baseball for the two foreign players that have taken Major League Baseball by storm, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Yasiel Puig. The DBacks put in strong bids for both players, but the Dodgers were able to sign both with pricey contracts.

While most of the Dodgers-Diamondbacks issues have been on the field this season, Towers comments wreak of being bitter and jealous.


In case you missed it, be sure to find out the latest on Matt Kemp’s ankle injury.

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  1. Boo Hoo Kevin Towers was not complaining when the Dodgers were in last place. He wasnt complaining last season when all of the Dodger trades didnt workout. I didnt hear Towers complaining when the Red Sox signed Crawford, Beckett and Gonzalez to those high priced contracts. He is only complaining now when the Dodgers are getting healthy and they are finally starting to put things together. There is a lot of baseball to play but the Dodgers have proven that they can be competitive and that when healthy they will be a formidable foe for anyone. Hey Mr. Towers, maybe you should worry more about your pitcher playing bean ball with peoples heads and less about teams just trying to win

  2. Would love to see Kemp healthy and back on the field. He has to feel bad for not hustling during that play but nobody is perfect. Still, being critical of the whole matter, he needs to remember that HE is the tenured leader in that clubhouse and half assed plays like that doesn’t do anybody any good. He’ll come back strong realizing that, as I’m sure he does. Lets go Dodgers!

  3. *Injuries happen all the time. It’s when the injured player is a highly paid athlete, people start hating on him, saying he’s not earning his keep. Well, I disagree because all the previous years Kemp has been a valuable asset to the team and you can’t give up on him because he’s a a series of injuries, including one where he slammed pretty damn hard into a wall. Don’t judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Gove the guy a break. No pun intended!

  4. For years, because of the McCourts, we had no money to spend. Nobody felt sorry for us then, or at the beginning of the season in cellar due to injuries. Now we are formidable contenders and Mr. Towers is concerned. I’m with Richie K, worry about your classless thugs instead.

  5. That’s right, punk. We’re the Yankees now and we’re gonna win for years. Suck it up.

  6. thats right , he has every right to spend money also, and the dodgers are doing this without kemp, and puig has helped some but he is a rookie, gm of diamond backs get real you guys have the right to spend money etc also, so suck it up pal!

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