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Dodgers News: Dee Gordon, Dan Haren Traded To Miami Marlins

Dee Gordon

UPDATE (Dec. 10, 7:40 p.m. PT): It appears the Dodgers are sending another infielder to Miami as a part of the multi-player deal.

[divide] One day after Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi refuted a report the team was shopping All-Star second baseman Dee Gordon, the Dodgers actions clearly suggested otherwise.

According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Dodgers traded Gordon to the Miami Marlins for pitching prospect Andrew Heaney:

According to Clark Spence of the Miami Herald, Dan Haren is also part of the trade:

Heaney was selected ninth overall by the Marlins in the 2012 draft and appeared in seven games last season (five starts) in what was his first experience at the Major League level. He finished with an 0-3 record, 5.83 ERA and 1.33 WHIP.

Over three seasons in the Minors, Heaney is a career 16-11 with 2.77 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. While Heaney headlines the Dodgers’ return, they receive a player who has experience at catcher, second and third base in Austin Barnes, more versatility in Kike Hernandez and a catcher-turned-reliever in Chris Hatcher.

As for Gordon, despite his All-Star season, it was reported the new regime was leery of his on-base percentage. Gordon did post career-bests in games played (148), on-base percentage (.326), slugging percentage (.378), wRC+ (101), BABIP (.346) and total hits (176).

After his on-base percentage dropped to .280 in 2012, he raised it to .314 and .326 in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Haren’s inclusion in the trade presents an interesting scenario as he said he would retire if traded to a team other than the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Haren exercised his $10 million player option to return for the final season on his contract.

While Gordon was traded Wednesday, the Dodgers are on the cusp of adding Jimmy Rollins in a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies. It’s plausible the Dodgers could use some of the prospects acquired to get Cole Hamels included in the trade.

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  1. I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1963. I’m thinking after this, maybe it’s time to declare my free agency. At least we know when Faidi is lying; his lips move.

    1. So do you think Faidi should just spill all the beans so he has no leverage in negotiations? Dee had a great first half, crappy second half and was no where to be found in the playoffs. He is due to regress. This trade cleared money and netted an elite pitching prospect that they can now flip for another ace.

      1. Maybe he should just shut his trap. Instead of lying to the fans (Oh, we LOVE Dee! He’s our all star second baseman! We’re not dangling him!) and disrepecting them, he should just say nothing at all. I’m more pissed off that he lied than I am about the trade.

  2. I Think The Dodgers New Gm Must Be Loosing His Mind, In Trading Dee Gordon” Look For Another Losing Season Dodgers Fans. They Go From Bad To Super Bad. Good Luck Dodgers….You Going To Need It.

  3. Talk about selling high – trading a lead off hitter that can’t get on base and disappeared in the second half and playoffs last year for elite prospects? And dumping Haren in the process? These dudes are unreal. Great move.

    1. Agreed. I love the move. Dee Gordon did us well for cheap, but he’s about to become overpaid because he had some terrific traditional stats. Arbitration will be kind to him. A year ago he would have netted nothing in a trade. I like that the regime is going about to reshape the team to their style.

  4. A lot of Dodgers fans letting emotion get the best of them with this trade lol. Dee is a great guy and I’ll miss him but this is business. With Dee making the All-Star team and leading the MLB with stolen bases, perfect opportunity to sell high.

  5. Not a good move if you’re a fan of the speed game. This sucks! The nerds are killing us.

    1. You can’t steal first base. Teams got wise to Dee after his hot start and weren’t giving him good pitches to hit. But Dee kept hacking – he drew a grand total of 4 walks in the 2nd half.. He’s not a good leadoff hitter. Teams also caught him stealing more often after the first two months – from June on he was successful in only 30 of 46 attempts. The CS is more harmful than a SB is beneficial, so his baserunning the last 4 months did not help the Dodgers. Defensively he has good range, but he made bad plays on routine balls. Kendrick will be more solid in the field, and is a superior hitter.

      1. Most of that is true, whether or not he’s a good lead-off hitter is debatable, depressing on how much stock you put in OPS for a player who doesn’t depend on OPS to make a difference. For example, he got on base several games and stole both second and third. That gave the team a higher likelihood of scoring on anything hit out of the infield and put pressure on the best defense. That isn’t reflected in the OPS. There’s some faults in my argument, but (I) personally dig watching defenses come unglued with a fast cat on the bags.

  6. Traded Dee Gordon???????? I could not have been more shocked if they had traded Clayton Kershaw!! WTF is wrong with these imbeciles????

  7. Traded Dee Gordon???????? I could not have been more shocked if they had traded Clayton Kershaw!! WTF is wrong with these imbeciles???? At the very least, if they HAD to trade him, they should have made sure he landed in the AL! Now were going to have to face his speed all year when we play the fish!

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