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Dodgers News: DH Might Be On The Way To The NL

It looks like the Designated Hitter will be on its way to the National League rather quickly, if you are to believe the words that come out of the mouth of commissioner Rob Manfred.

Today, as the commissioner spoke, he said that the senior circuit could adopt the rule as early as the 2017 season. That means we might only have one more season to watch pitchers hit, which is a shame if you like watching Bartolo Colon flail about at the plate.

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From David Lemmon (@DPLennon), a baseball columnist for Newsday Sports:

It didn’t stop there, either. Apparently, there has been in the mix for quite some time.

Whether you want the National League to embrace the Designated Hitter or not seems pointless at this juncture since it appears as if baseball is going to make it a mandatory thing very soon.

When the rule comes, it means there’s going to be less double switches, which I’m sure will sadden Don Mattingly, and less wear-and-tear on pitchers who have to trot into the batter’s box every now and then.

It also could lead to an increase in reliever production, since they won’t be called upon to enter games sooner because of a pinch hitter or anything of the like. Thus, they won’t be burnt out over the long haul of a season.

The real winners are probably the offenses in the National League, as well as the free agents who are pretty much only DH’s at this point. It gives those players more options on the market, and that, in turn, leads to a better product on the field.

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  1. I’ve always hated the DH. It’s not authentic baseball to not have all 9 players on the field bat. There is a lot of strategy involved with it. That being said, you could see the writing on the wall for quite a while. And last year I finally found myself at peace with the idea. I feel the National League has always been at a disadvantage when playing in an American League ballpark. National League teams don’t construct their roster with a DH in mind. So let’s just get it over with already. In a couple years the Dodgers can sign Giancarlo Stanton to be there DH for the next 15 years. Lol

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