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Dodgers News: DirecTV No Longer Negotiating With Time Warner Cable

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A battle than began in the off-season between Time Warner Cable and other cable providers has spilled into the regular season and deprived many Los Angeles Dodger fans of their team’s games.

While DISH Network has already refused to pick up SportsNet LA, the head of programming at DirecTV recently said that he believed nobody of “merit” will pick up the network soon.

According to Joe Flint of the LA Times, negotiations have ended between DirecTV and TWC:

DirecTV has advised us that they will not carry the Dodgers this year, and they have walked away from the negotiating table, said Melinda Witmer, Time Warner Cable’s executive vice president and chief video and content officer.

This news comes as a huge blow to Dodger fans in Southern California, as DirecTV has approximately 1.2 million subscribers and 30% of the market share.

However, DirecTV has denied the claim, but it came from an unnamed source via Flint:

A DirecTV spokesman countered that ‘nothing could be further from the truth’ and added that ‘fans have already seen through Time Warner Cable’s deception, and this is yet another transparent attempt to manipulate all TV customers throughout the region.’

Thus far, only Bright House Networks and Champion Broadband have cut deals to carry the channel, while Witmer said negotiations are ongoing with the other distributors. SportsNet LA debuted on February 25 and provides 24/7 Dodgers content, as well as the only place to catch the team’s games. Fans will only be able to catch games on national television, such as this coming Sunday when the game will be broadcast on ESPN.


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Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


  1. See what Dodger management started???
    I understand the benefits of our own network, but maybe you guys went overboard?

    Now can Dodger management please clean this mess up.

  2. Time Warner cable sucks. Dodgers ownership needs to step in and do something about all this bs. Dodgers have a great fan base and we deserve better.

  3. Always the fans,the ones who paid suffer,if direct tv drags on i am leaving direct tv,this is bullshit

  4. Dodgers owner need to step in I’m tried of this. Dodgers will loose fans as of now. We as fans want time warner sports to stop this BS this could be goodbye.

  5. I’m so sick of these jerks!!!! Alacarte? I don’t watch CNN Fox or half the other Sh#@ on the TV but I don’t have a choice as to whether I want to pay for those channels. The proveders are stupid. I don’t think they realize that the first company that picks up the channel will get a whole bunch of new business from people jumping ship from the other companies so they can watch. I’m past my 2 years with Charter and I’ve already made it known that I’m signing on with the first provider in my area that gets it. I’m also slightly PO’d with the Dodgers for the reasons others have stated. This sucks!

  6. This is Time Warner and Managements undoing. First who would sign with time warner when DIRECTV owns the sports market??!!! Second, on a recent interview, Stan Kasten sounded like a spokesman for TWC asking fans to persuade their providers and that the other providers were basically being irresponsible to fans. first and foremost its managements fault!!! Last year a 15 game plan can get you opening day tickets or the first day of sales one was able to purchase individual opening day games. Now you have to be a 30 game ticket plan holder to have opening day and they were NOT available as single game purchases…and the new ticket prices are ridiculous!!!!! Well the Dodgers have the highest payroll…guess the money had to come from somewhere…and these fake bandwagon fans jumping the win wagon!!! Imma stick to supporting my team as I recently went to San Diegos opening day to watch the boys in blue. I’ll spend my money where it’s appreciated. They will lose their real fans that stuck through the team in the roughest of times when seats were empty that’s whose getting hurt here.Management step up off your butts and help the true fans who are mostly people that can’t afford the new prices nor have means of watching it on TV. I guess I’ll keep listening to 570 radio!!!

  7. When 70% of a HUGE city like Los Angeles (and vicinity) do NOT have TWC why on earth would you make a business decision to make a deal with this devil?!!!!!!

    I’ve had the TERRIBLE service of TWC and I refuse to go back even for one TV in my house!! So Stan Kasten go away!!!! This deal wreaks of the worst of Frank McCourt but with him at least we could SEE the Dodgers.

    I’m afraid my Dodger blue blood is quickly fading to RED — GO ANGELS!!!
    I can not support a team that turns its back on loyal fans!!! Bye bye Dodgers!!!

    1. That’s some shit right there.. Where the real fans at? Be upset, but if you flip, you’re bandwagon and nothing more.

      The players and the traditions and the memories should be why you like a team, not the way they are managed. We know whatever the media tells is about the management. Come on.

  8. Well, there go their big bucks! Reckon I will just await the game highlights during the news. I do plan to see a few games this year at Dodger Stadium but will otherwise use this time for reading and watching movies. What Dodger lamebrain decided to just give their games to one cable company? And Time-Warner has had its own problems, so here are some more for you clowns!!

  9. Time Warner did this to Lakers fans last year. I even left Dish Networks and came to Directv. I contacted Directv many times last year and it was obvious they were working their asses off, and they came through. Unfortunately Jim Buss is working very hard to take the Lakers down so it wasn’t that satisfying to watch.

    Time Warner has done this before. Look at Houston Astros. As far as I know they still are not being broadcast in Houston.

    FYI: Time Warner paid $0.00 in taxes. Received a $74 million refund, and made a profit of over $2 billion, and hard working people who’ve stuck by the Dodgers while they were at best a mediocre team have a chance to see a remarkable season, but are getting the shaft again. And don’t think the Dodgers aren’t complicit in this too because they are.

    Last year Magic boasted this would not happen to Dodgers fans the way things went down with the Lakers. Shows how much power Magic is wielding. Pretty obvious they used him too just like the fans.

    For you morons standing up for Time Warner I’ve got the actual space ship that landed in Roswell in 1948 and I’d love to sell it to you.

  10. I wonder if people realize where the enormous payroll of the Dodgers is coming from. Part of the whole reason the Dodgers were purchased was for the proceeds of the TV contract. It pays to keep a quality product on the field and the renovations in Dodger Stadium, not to mention… the Dodgers organization is a business… not a charity. The problem is that people are too scared to leave direct TV because they use their stranglehold over the NFL to get you to buy their product… I don’t hear anyone complaining about that.

    I left DTV for Time Warner… I’m not thrilled with Time Warner, but I’m not disappointed either. I am thrilled with the network though. Those who can get TWC and aren’t doing it… you are missing out on a great product.

    1. That may be true. In my area TWC is a complete rip off. I switched to DirecTV last year and not going back.

      Also its not worth paying the $200 fee to cancel the service.

      Great job Guggenheim.

  11. Bye Bye Dodgers! I’m a DirecTV customer, and now I am an Angels fan. I will NEVER go to a game, or watch the Dodgers EVER again. Nice job guys…. Front Office idiots

  12. This makes me so mad – I called Directv and got $10 off my bill for 6 months – I think they are giving credits to customers that call and complain to try to appease them.

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