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Dodgers News: Dodgers Sign 19 Year Old Japanese Pitcher Takumi Numata

The Dodgers have been pursuing international talent more consistently then ever before and it’s been paying off. Today, the Dodgers signed their latest international prospect, Japanese right hander Takumi Numata to a minor league contract.

Numata is 19 years old and is 6’1″ and 188 pounds, but the young right hander has been clocked at 92-93 mph with his fastball. Numata graduated from Ohgaki Nihon University High School in 2012 and played for the Edion AIT OB Blits in the Japanese Industrial League this past year.

The Dodgers PR account first announced the news late this evening:

There’s little information on Numata, but the Dodgers’ recent success with international players only shows they’ve been doing their job scouting for prospects outside the United States. The Dodgers can only hope that Numata can develop in their minor-league program and eventually contribute for them in the big leagues.

There’s no doubt there is much talent internationally and the Dodgers want to be in the forefront in discovering that talent, so they can develop that talent and strengthen their farm system. Although the Dodgers have recently gained a reputation of being big spenders, they also recognize the value of growing your own talent and discovering it all around the world.


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