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Dodgers News: Dustin May Leaves Game With Apparent Injury

Dodgers’ right-handed pitcher Dustin May was removed from the game on Sunday after being hit on the head by a 91 MPH line drive off the bat of Jake Lamb.

May was down on the field for about a minute but he was able to stand up and talk to Manager Dave Robers and the trainers.

He walked off the field under his own power, with the trainers next to him, and went into the clubhouse for further evaluation.

Hopefully, the injury isn’t serious. The fact that he was able to walk off the field is a good sign.

May entered the game as a reliever in the fourth inning, replacing starter Ross Stripling. He struck out one and allowed three runs on four hits.

Stay tuned for any updates.


Dustin May passed his concussion test and he is doing well, according to Alanna Rizzo.

After the game, May said the ball hit his glove before hitting his head.

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  1. I blame Magic Johnson for Dustin May’s injury. Whenever this guy is around any team, strange injuries occurred to players. Take last year for example, LeBron James had his first career injury with the Lakers, then McGee went down, followed by Rondo, Lonzo, Jash Hart, then the weird blood clot to Brandon Ingram, finally Kuzma went down, by the end of last season hardly any Lakers player was healthy. Now go to the Dodgers, Kenley Jansen got this weird heart condition for the first time in his life, CT3 went down, Verdugo oblique strain, Kike, Justin Turner must have gotten hit 5 times in the same elbow this year, Rich Hill, Muncy fractured his wrist, now Dustin May getting drilled in the head. Whether you believe it or not, bad luck follows Magic Johnson, and his curse is causing injury to Dodgers players. Everyone got to see Magic Johnson’s true colors after he resigned from the Lakers, the man is all negative vibes. It’s time for Guggenheim group to get rid of Magic Johnson from the Dodgers.

  2. Lol apparent injury, he was drilled in the head da derpa derrrrrrr of course it was injury

    1. Sorry if you don’t agree with the wording but I was taught to not speculate about what we don’t know for sure. Today Roberts said May only has neck soreness from it. For all we know he could’ve been taken out as a precaution because the ball hit his glove first. Just because it hit him, it doesn’t mean he was for sure injured. It’s better to be safe than be wrong.

  3. May is not, and I doubt will ever be, a relief pitcher. This is a very young player who is trying to establish himself on our team. Yo continue to shuffle him back and forth between the BP and the starting rotation is not fair to anyone, especially May. We will have plenty of BP arms comes post season. Lets concentrate using May where he will do the most good, the starting rotation; if not now, then for the 2020 season.Go Blue!!

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