Dodgers News: Zaidi Says Depth On 40-Man Roster A Focal Point

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With the notable hires that were Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zaidi and other front-office personnel, the Los Angeles Dodgers have yet to match that splash with player acquisitions. While the Dodgers have certainly been active — at one point making five trades in a span of 10 days — none of the moves have come with much buzz.

What the Dodgers have moved closer to however, is adding depth throughout the 40-man roster. Although the trades and acquisitions thus far have been on the minor side, depth is something Dodgers’ general manager Farhan Zaidi said he and president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman have focused on creating, via Eric Stephen of True Blue LA:

On both sides of the roster, both position players and pitchers, having depth, having a strong 40-man roster was something Andrew [Friedman, president of baseball operations] prioritized in Tampa and was something I prioritized in Oakland,” general manager Farhan Zaidi said on Thursday night. “A lot of the moves we made in the early going here have been about creating that same kind of roster depth here.”

While adding depth has been at the forefront of the transactions, Zaidi indicated the smaller pieces could be used as part of larger deals:

Having that base of depth gives you the opportunity to make more aggressive, needle-moving moves as the offseason goes on,” Zaidi said. “While we’re weighing some of those bigger potential decisions, adding depth is going to be a constant focus for us.”

The first move under the new front office was claiming infielder Ryan Jackson off waivers, who was then traded to Kansas City Royals 23 days later. Other acquisitions under Friedman and Zaidi include Mike Bolsinger, Chris Heisey, Adam Liberatore, Juan Nicasio and Joel Peralta.

The depth Zaidi speaks of could aid the Dodgers’ pursuit of a shortstop (i.e. Alexei Ramirez) and/or a trade for Cole Hamels, or another starting pitcher. The Dodgers also need to address the bullpen, though that may be done via free agency.

Along with trading for Heisey on Wednesday, the Dodgers tendered seven of their eight eligible players and signed the eighth, Darwin Barney to a one-year, $2.252 million contract.

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  1. Okay with the depht thing…I want a good picture for the rotation. A good short stop. A reincarnation of Roy Campenella. (30 or more home runs a year) And a Johnny Podres in the Bull pen.

    1. Podres was a starter…….that said……I am not impressed at all….could have gotten players just as good off free agency..Gordon not going back to SS…

  2. you know, barney is a very good second baseman who really showed a lot in his short time with the club. im betting somebody is considering moving gordon back to short, slip barney in at second base, get what you can for one of the outfielders, and add one of the top pitchers available.

  3. These guys rock. How often have we had multiple players go down with little or nothing available to replace them during the course of the season ! These guys are coming from organizations who outplayed us for a decade with a small fraction of the budget. You’re going to see some bigger deals before the season. Gives these guys some time. We should be following their lead !

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