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Dodgers News: Former Top Prospect Headlines Several Minor Leaguers Hitting Free Agency

There’s no question when it comes to the Dodgers farm system they are among the leagues best. As the Dodgers ride the wave of being one of the top teams in the league the future remains bright, but a familiar name of a top Dodgers prospect is set to hit free agency in the minor leagues.

Yadier Alvarez will be remembered among Dodgers fans as a pitcher with such high hopes that the Dodgers once invested $32 million on the right hander. This came at the hands of Alvarez being named to the 2017 Minor League All-Star team.

Since then, Alvarez battled injuries and other off-field issues and is major league career never truly panned out. Instead Alvarez remained in the Dodgers farm system for the next six seasons and now headlines a list of top minor league free agents.

Over the course of six seasons, Alvarez appeared in 82 games and pitched 239.0 innings. In that span. Alvarez has a career 4.29 ERA with a 12-14 record.

Alvarez has shown glimpses of what he could be but he remains a major “what-if” in the Dodgers organization. It remains to be seen whether the Dodgers minor league teams will bring him back and whether or not he’ll have another shot to make the major leagues.

Fortunately for the 26 year old pitcher, he still has plenty of time left in his career to prove his worth and whether or not it’s within the Dodgers organization you can’t help but root for him. The Dodgers need pitching help after the year of injuries and maybe one day Alvarez can be the answer.

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  1. If it’s true and the Dodgers system is one of the best, then maybe it’s time to let the kids play and see if it’s true? Frankly, the last few years would seem to suggest otherwise. Maybe it’s a put up or shut up year for the farm system?

    1. Agree completely. Dodgers seem hesitant to bring up their young talent for whatever reason. If they are as good as advertised, let them prove it. Dodgers brought up Kershaw when he was 22, Worked out pretty well I think. Give these kids a chance instead of dolling out $300 million dollar 10 year deals.

  2. I love the hope that young players offer and vote for integrating youth into the 26 man roster. Get them into the game in situations were they can succeed, especially in the first half of the season. AF and the gang know they don’t have to win 111 games to make it to the NLDS.

    That said, the Dodgers too often draft position players with one-sided skills and then proceed to hope and hype, followed by limited opportunities to succeed with the big league club. Cody is an exception to that but look how they have slow played Lux, a first round pick. We have a miserable track record drafting for the left side of the infield. We’re great at drafting pitchers but drafting good quality all-around position players takes a back seat in this organization. Probably why we let Logan White walk. Am I wrong?

  3. Because of the Dodgers finishing on top in the regular season they end up with mainly some of the bottom picks in the over all draft. Many of those players are one tool players aa Smart Players Unite suggests and many may never be good enough to actually make it to MLB. And it’s also a case of the active roster being to the point there’s no room at the Inn.

  4. Starting pitchers: Emmet Sheehan, Bobby Miller, Gavin Stone, Ryan Pepiot, michael Grove. Catchers: Cartaya, dalton Rushing, infielders: Miguel Vargas, Michael Busch; Outfielders: Jason Martin (free agent) outman, Pages.

  5. I believe this guy is bad news. He has been obstinate and nearly uncoachable. I think we are better off without him unless he’s changed. I doubt it.

    I think we

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