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Dodgers News: Giants Twitter Handle Makes Huge Error

So what really happened with the San Francisco Giants tweet on Monday? Obviously there was confusion, but many fans were outraged by the hint of racism to two different groups.

First, lets look at the tweet:


Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig and Madison Bumgarner Square Off

The Giants tweet is referencing Madison Bumgarner’s third strikeout of Enrique Hernandez. Hernandez’s nickname is Kiké…not Kike. So, by saying Kike they are automatically offending those of the Jewish religion. It seems they know how to use the correct “e” though?

On top of that, the use of KKK is less than socially acceptable. The Klu Klux Klan is obviously not a group you want associated with your franchise’s moral views. In one tweet, the Giants were able to offend both baseball fans and players alike.

h/t Yahoo via Reddit | ClarkBarnier

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  1. Is that the best you can do? Enjoy your win(s) against the Giants. There won’t be many W’s in the post-season.

  2. I thought the games are like it always been between the Dodgers and The Giants then been rivals since the fifty and more so on the sixty years. Now between Puig and Bum its been going on for the past tree years. They just don’t Like each other. I am happy to see the dodgers win two of the three games. Well We Love LA Dodgers. Looks Like we as Dodgers fan and players we all won the Division next is the Play off. I thank the Dodgers have a week off during the Play off. They look like there ready to go all the way. Lets see what happens. Just as long our Players keep hitting and scoring runs. They should be able to win the Panet Lets hope so. I been a Dodger Fan since 1958 and I always Love our Dodgers. I want to thank Vin Scully for all his hard work and the best call by call men on the broad cast on TV and Radio, We going to miss Vin for sure. Now Go Out and win win win Go Dodger Blue We Love LA period. Mr, Baseball Love the Dodgers Hoowa.

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