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Dodgers News: Greg Maddux ‘Likely’ To Join as Special Assistant

The average age for the Dodgers’ major league rotation is pretty par for the course (right around 27 years old, not considering Brandon McCarthy, who will not be healthy for Opening Day). Most have developed as much as one would think physically, the remaining growth likely to come from a better understanding of the mental aspect of the game.

When you think of the smartest pitchers in MLB history, it’s hard to go very far down the list before Greg Maddux comes to mind. Honestly, I can’t think of a smarter pitcher, ever, but that might just be me.

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So, who better than “The Professor” to help this staff excel in understanding the nuances of pitching in the major leagues? It appears he’ll be doing just that, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

Greg Maddux is expected to join a West Coast team — likely the Dodgers — as a part-time special assistant. Maddux said he doesn’t want a full-time coaching career.

In the same article, Maddux spoke briefly about the decision.

“I enjoy working with pitchers,” Greg Maddux said. “If there’s something I can do to help a young guy think about the game more and what he’s throwing and why he’s throwing it, I can help like that.”

So what can Maddux, the ultimate pitchers’ pitcher, teach a young stud throwing 100 m.p.h.?

“Well, if you combine that velocity with the knowledge of how to pitch hitters, you come up with Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez,” Maddux said. “So I think I can help a young pitcher.”

The position will only be part time if made a official, but Maddux is the rare great athlete who seems willing and able to relate to those less physically-talented than he was.

If Maddux spends any time with the elite prospects coming up through the Dodgers’ system, his impact on the organization becomes almost immeasurable.

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