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Dodgers News: Greinke’s Comments Upset Australians, Kasten Clarifies

Zack Greinke

Los Angeles Dodgers’ starting pitcher Zack Greinke isn’t known for his expressive personality and captivating interviews, but he recently made some comments that have garnered some attention.

Greinke said that he has “absolutely no excitement for it” in reference to the Dodgers trip to Australia to play the Arizona Diamondbacks one month from now. The quotes reached Australian officials in charge of organizing the event and they’re upset. Australian officials have spoken to the Dodgers and MLB, but haven’t made any official comments.

According to Mark Saxon of ESPN LA, Dodgers’ team president Stan Kasten took some time to clarify Greinke’s comments:

Zack has this endearing, contrarian quality to him that we all know and love about him, Dodgers president Stan Kasten said. He’s famously focused and meticulous about his training regimen. It’s what makes him so good and such a great teammate. This is clearly going to alter his routine. I understand that aspect of it.

But my problem right now is trying to make room for all the people that want to go — players, family, front-office people. As an organization, we couldn’t be more excited about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Greinke is one of the hardest workers in the game and a week-long trip in the middle of what is his normal spring training could disrupt his preparation. Although the right-hander could have chosen a different set of words to describe the trip, it makes sense why a player so dedicated to a routine would be a little bothered by the trip. Despite the comments, Greinke is expected to make the trip to Australia and has said that he’s willing to pitch in the two-game series. Many would expect the Dodgers to throw their two aces out there, meaning Greinke and Clayton Kershaw; however, that hasn’t been set in stone.

Kasten will be dealing with the fact that the team may only bring 30 players on the roster for the games, along with any other players and staff that want to make the trip on their own to enjoy the festivities. Broadcaster Vin Scully has already decided to make the trip, giving the team’s new channel, SportsNet LA, the star they need for their first regular-season broadcast.

Either way, the Dodgers are a month away from Sydney and it’s yet to be determined whether or not Greinke will be one of the pitchers to start.


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  1. Tell Australia to eff-off. I’m not happy that the Dodgers have to go across the globe just before the season begins. It will take weeks to reajust. Absolutely stupid

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