Dodgers News: HI-CHEW To Become Available At Dodger Stadium

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hours before players take the field for another game in a grueling regular-season schedule, they’ve spent the time participating in batting practice, fielding drills and often whatever activity or ritual they believe best suits their needs.

While the routines may have changed throughout the years, one constant in seemingly all levels of baseball has been eating the customary cracker jacks, sunflower seeds and chewing gum. Scan a Major League dugout and one will find the snacks if you will, in droves.

For the Los Angeles Dodgers, the batch of available items will now include Japan’s best selling chewy-candy, HI-CHEW. The club announced a partnership with the candy company, and it won’t remain only in the Dodgers’ dugout and clubhouse as it will also be sold at Dodger Stadium.

The candy favorite is sponsored by Moringa America, a farm in Sherman Oaks, Calif., which has been growing the fruit-flavored treats for quite some time. HI-CHEW will be available at the next home game, which is slated for Monday, Sept. 14, against the Colorado Rockies.

Other recent additions to Dodger Stadium this season include vegan options, fresh salads, sandwiches and snacks at field-level grab & go location behind home plate, and new items integrated at Tommy Lasorda’s Italian Trattoria.


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