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Dodgers News: Hyun-jin Ryu Suffers Another Setback

Due to surgery to repair his labrum, left-hander Hyun-jin Ryu hasn’t pitched in a game since September 12, 2014. Since that time, all the hope within the Los Angeles Dodgers organization has been resting on the sole thought that the team would get Ryu back sometime during the middle of this season. Now, that doesn’t look so certain.

According to manager Dave Roberts, Ryu suffered a setback. The reason? A groin strain. It ultimately made Ryu unable to pitch during a bullpen session, and they had to cancel it. This latest setback doesn’t seem like much, but groin strains are never good. They take a while to heal, and there’s no word on when Ryu could actually return now.

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“We’re going to take a couple days to kind of let this calm down and then get him back on the mound,” [manager Dave] Roberts said. “I think the whole time we thought we were going to have him back sooner, but then there’s a setback in the middle of spring and then with this. Technically it’s a setback, and I don’t know how severe the injury is.”

Without knowing how severe the injury is, it’s hard to say just how long Ryu will actually be out for. The team was counting on him being able to rehab well enough to get back out on the mound by either the middle of June or July. The Dodgers could certainly use another quality pitcher in their rotation, or even out of the bullpen.

The road back for Ryu has been a long and arduous one, and it would be a great story if he could come back from everything that has troubled him over the last two seasons. However, if he is unable to make it through this season with his health intact, then maybe it’s best to start looking forward to 2017 with him and pray for the best there.

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