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Dodgers News: Jansen Not A Top-10 Relief Pitcher, per MLB Network

The Kansas City Star released an article today that talked about how MLB Network named the Top 10 relievers in baseball, but there was a name missing off the list that you’d assume would be there. That name is Kenley Jansen, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ fantastic closer.

Over the last four seasons, Jansen has compiled a 2.32 ERA in 259.1 innings while striking out 391 batters and walking just 67. He’s been one of the most dominant forces in the game, and it seems foolish for him to be left off of any Top 10 reliever list. But alas.

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Per the Kansas City Star, here was the list:

1. Wade Davis, Royals

2. Dellin Betances, Yankees

3. Aroldis Chapman, Yankees

4. Andrew Miller, Yankees

5. Zach Britton, Orioles

6. Mark Melancon, Pirates

7. Ken Giles, Astros

8. Tony Watson, Pirates

9. Darren O’Day, Orioles

10. Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox

Okay, it’s hard to argue with the first four guys on that list since they’re all supremely dominant relievers. After that, though, it’s a little tough to swallow. One could argue that Craig Kimbrel should be way higher, but Jansen deserves a spot on this list somewhere.

Here’s the video of MLB Network’s Top 10 relievers:

The lack of Jansen is concerning considering relievers such as Mark Melancon and Darren O’Day are above him. That doesn’t mean they’re not good, because they are, but Jansen is definitely a better option out of the bullpen.

If your team is looking to shutdown the opposition for one inning, you’re choosing Jansen over both Melancon and O’Day, as well as over Britton and Watson. That’s just the truth of the matter. As noted, the Top 4 is pretty much etched in stone, and it’s absolutely unreal that the New York Yankees have three of them.

The Dodgers hope the 28-year old Jansen builds upon his great last four seasons to put together a truly fantastic 2016 campaign. They’ll need him if they’re to win it all.

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  1. This is a ridiculous ranking put together by that idiot Brian Kenny and his moronic ‘shredder’. How can you put someone with almost no closing experience on the list and not put Jansen on? What a joke. He (Kenny) has no clue what baseball is about. He is a bum.

  2. The same “Shredder” system that ranked DEE GORDON NUMBER 9 behind second-basemen like Josh Harrison (#5), Joe Panick (#3), and left off, in my opinion the most well rounded second-basemen in the league in Jason Kipnis altogether!  This shredder system is stupid!  Harold Reynolds is also a joke of an analyst.  He can’t make up his mind whether to follow what the stats/metrics are saying about who the best player(s) are, or follow his “Well, I REALLY like him as a player so I am going to rate him here, despite what the metrics say.  My “eye test” says the metrics are wrong” attitude he seems to lean towards.

    Think about this:
    He ranked Brandon Phillips #5 ahead of Gordon, Dozier, Kipnis (whom he didn’t even throw in the top 10), and Zobrist just to name a few.  Phillips has not posted an above average wRC+ in THREE years.  And his defense, while still pretty excellent, is trending downward, and most of his offensive value last year seemed to be because of his 23 SB’s which was more than his previous three years before that combined.  

    The point of these lists MLB Network is putting out is to rank the best second-basemen right now.  Key words: right now.  Guys like Gordon, Dozier, and especially Kipnis are all clearly much better in many aspects than guys like Phillips, and Pedroia.  Five years ago, surely those guys would have topped a list like this, but not right now.

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