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Dodgers News: Jose Fernandez Shut Down Could Give Puig ROY Award

When Yasiel Puig came to the big leagues, nobody could’ve predicted the type of impact he’d have on the Dodgers and drama he’d create throughout baseball

Along with Puig, Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez has also been turning heads as he’s only allowed three runs in his last five starts and when the Dodgers were in Miami, Fernandez bested Puig in three at-bats.

However, the Marlins might shut down Fernandez after 170 innings and according to Zach Dillard of, it could give Puig the Rookie of the Year award:

Unlike Fernandez, Puig has slowed down a bit in the second half, although his numbers have not exactly taken a nose-dive: he’s actually walking more and striking out less. Should the Marlins shut down Fernandez at 170 innings (as expected), Puig could win top honors outright with a strong September.

While it was expected that Puig wouldn’t continue to hit .390, he’s come back down to earth of late, but is still hitting .346 with 13 home runs and 30 RBIs. This isn’t the first time it was suggested that Fernandez could win the award as Dan Patrick said that he was the better Cuban player at the moment.

It’ll also be interesting to see if Puig’s attitude and play on the field will affect voters, but it’s impossible to downplay the affect that he’s had on the Dodgers. With Puig in the lineup, the Dodgers are 51-21 and have gone from being 9.5 games behind the Diamondbacks to 9.5 games ahead of them in the NL West.

So far this season, Fernandez is at 152.2 innings pitched and with 29 games left for the Dodgers, it’s conceivable that Puig wins the award on his own merit. Puig has turned heads for the right and wrong reasons so far this season, but I would assume that he wins the award over Fernandez at the end of the day.


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