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Dodgers News: Joshua Jones, Ailing Fan Of Matt Kemp, Passes Away

Matt KempWhile Matt Kemp hasn’t been on the field much this season, he’s helped his fans stay connected to him. With the Dodgers in San Francisco earlier this season, Kemp heard that a huge fan of his, Joshua Jones, was very sick and wanted to meet him.

After the game was completed, Kemp came over to where Jones and his family were sitting and proceeded to give him everything from his jersey to his cleats. Regardless of the fact that the event was taking place in San Francisco and the act was being done by a Dodgers, everyone gravitated to the gesture.

However, according to Mike Oz of the Big League Stew from Yahoo! Sports, Jones has passed away:

Sadly, we have an update to the story: Jones, who had been battling terminal brain cancer, has died, his aunt tells Yahoo! Sports. Jones’ best friend Tommy Schultz, who filmed and uploaded the video above, confirmed the death.

Kemp went a step further and flew Jones and his family to LA and he met with them prior to a game at Dodger Stadium against the Angels. While he was fighting the disease, his mother said that meeting Kemp gave him a renewed spirit to continue to fight and he was blown away by what Kemp did for him.

Here’s the incredible gesture from earlier in San Francisco:

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  1. It’a a very sad & touching story but no i don’t think the DODGERS should dedicate the rest of the season to that fan, only because he is not the only ailing fan & thousands of others would start requesting the same! RIP Joshua Jones!

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