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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Exits Game 4 Early with Apparent Leg Injury

Adding literal injury to the insult, Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner exited Wednesday night’s game 4 early with what looked like a left hamstring injury. With the Dodgers clinging on to their hopes of coming back in the game, the veteran grounded into a double play in the bottom of the 7th inning. He pulled up limping almost immediately after trying to bust it out of the box.

He was replaced on defense at third base by Chris Taylor, who moved in from center field. Mookie Betts moved over to center and Steven Souza came in to play right field.

The infielder who has struggled mightily this postseason has been dealing with a neck issue and also dealt with hamstring issues in the past. In all likelihood, this will spell the end of Turner’s postseason.

After the game, Dave Roberts revealed JT suffered a grade 2 strain, putting his status for the rest of the postseason in doubt.

More to come on this story.

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  1. I feel bad for JT but nobody can save the Dodgers now. A 9 to 2 loss in game 4. I get that Urias and a couple other relievers combined to surrender 9 runs, and 4 HR’S , but the offense played dead most of the night with only 4 hits. Pathetic showing is an understatement.

  2. Turner is just looking for an excuse for his horrible over-the-hill playing this post season. He simply doesn’t want to play anymore this post season.

    Fire Roberts the Clown. The latest of too many to count f*ck-ups is his completely inept managing of the pitching staff. He ruined the series. Runner up is his inability to motivate and bring this team together. He can take the entire coaching staff with him.

    Good luck keeping Scherzer and Trea. The don’t want to play for this clown a$$.

    1. mqarep, true how the pitching was handled. But the fact is the offense just hasn’t shown up. Hopefully for 2022 Dodgers can cure their struggles against LHP. If Dodgers can’t come back tomorrow, that will mean 4 different team will have clinched a PS series on our home turf in 4 of the last 5 years.

    1. Paul, after this postseason by Trea, I wouldn’t want to re-sign him! Give me a guy with average stats during the regular season but CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING IN THE POSTSEASON!

      1. Well, the one thing that may happen then is Dodgers will have lost both Seager and Trea to FA. BUTin any event, some moves and player decisions must be made. It’s one thing for the Braves, who are a good hitting team to put up 9 runs, but the Dodger’s answer was just 2 runs on 4 hits the whole game. Very disappointing game tonight. Maybe how Dodgers used Urias prior to tonight might have had a lot to do with what we saw from him tonight. IDK what more to say..

        1. The only thing to say is go out and win game 5. I know it doesn’t look good, but I’ll wait until Dodgers lose the 4th game. Dodgers were down 1-3 last year too. I know it’s not last year. How do you say it? IIWII

          1. I am hoping for at least a win tomorrow so that the Braveon’t become the 4th team in the last
            5 seasons to clinch a PS series here on our home turf. It goes back to Nats in 2019, Red Sox in 2018 Cheaters in 2017, Mets in 2015 Mets in 2006, Cards in 2004. The team needs to show some pride and force this series back to Atlanta at least.

      2. Both Turners would have been fine for the post season if the smartest man in baseball would have had Trea Turner, batting champion and fastest man in the league leading-off. I hear we are now going to try Urias in center and Pujols at 3rd.

    1. John, love the way you’re thinking. I know it’s a tall ask, but can be done! I’m not giving up either! 1988 Dodgers dug themselves huge a hole vs the mighty Mets in the NLCS too with a team which Bob Costas dubbed “The worst team to ever appear in a World Series!” Well, we know how that one turned out!

      Let’s go Dodgers! Don’t let the season end today!

  3. I hope that the extremely poor way Manager Freidman and Vice Manager Roberts handled the pitching staff does not have negative influence as to where Scherzer signs this off season.

    1. Glen, tough to know. FO will have some really difficult decisions to make this off-season. So many free agents. Can re-sign them all. Next year team will look quite different. But they have a good nucleus which is promising.

  4. I knew that resigning JT was a mistake. This is the third consecutive year that he has dealt with an injury. I hope that he will be ok.

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