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Dodgers News: Ken Rosenthal Suggests Ryu and Rendon in Boras Makeup Call

Ken Rosenthal tweeted a rather pie-in-the-sky tweet for Dodger fans this morning.

Not Granting The Premise

“A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.” Nifty quote, but Scott Boras remembers everything and likely doesn’t care. It is cute that Rosenthal floated the idea that Boras would ever make a decision based on some notion of a ‘makeup call.’ All Scott Boras did for Gerrit Cole was get him the best contract he could for his client, which of course pads his own bottom line.

The idea that the Dodgers ‘finished second’ in the Cole sweepstakes, which in turn would affect how Boras negotiates the Ryu/Rendon contracts, is preposterous. That said, it could theoretically make the negotiations work quicker.

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Andrew Friedman’s Choice

What Cole’s signing does do is put pressure on Andrew Friedman. For the Dodger fans reading this, I do not believe this is a bad thing. We have seen the Dodgers front office, whether it be Kasten, the Guggenheim people, or Friedman, balk at contracts they could afford with the revenue from Dodger game beer sales. This puts pressure on the Dodgers to quit with the mind and market games.

If there’s an offer on the table for Ryu and Rendon — not that there likely is — the Dodgers have to take it. Los Angeles can afford both players. If we’re being intellectually blunt, the Dodgers can afford any contracts they want to give. This situation dispenses with the absurd notion that the Dodgers have to be penny-pinchers in the contracts they’re going to give.

The leverage has evaporated. Sign a a perennial MVP candidate and the almost 2019 NL Cy Young.

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AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. I have said the bigger issue for the Dodgers was the hitting and not the pitching. Getting Rendon was/is the deal the Dodgers needed to win and resigning Ryu would be keeping a pitching staff that gave up the least amount of runs last season and with youth in pitching coming into play more this coming season.
    We failed again to get a WS victory because of the hitting,the lack of right handed bats and the misuse/bad decisions of pitchers and not the lack of an awesome rotation of bullpen.

    1. Ken Rosenthal’s alias must be Mr. Obvious. Yes Ken, the Dodgers would much prefer to have Rendon and Ryu over Bumgarner.

    2. Taryn , it’s just a guess on my part but Rendon may very well end up with Texas and he may be another player that finds the manager Roberts and the Dodgers as not such a desirable place to be at this time.

  2. The Dodgers were never going to get Cole. Any fan should have known that from the very beginning. Their focus should have been on getting a RH bat and solidify the bullpen; if they intend on retaining Ryu or getting another SP, then gravy.

    If those reports about how much they were willing to give Cole were true, then they surely can fork over and commit 300 (or more) for Rendon’s bat and Ryu’s arm. Mad Bum must have gone mad if he would ever EVER consider wearing Dodger Blue …

  3. “no” to Ryu. We know what he brings to the post-season and it’s not worth the money. They don’t need him to make the playoffs, and that’s all he’d really fascilitate. The Dodgers have decided not to spend any money this off-season, and like they say, “it’s always easy so say ‘spend’ when it’s not your money”. That’s true. It’s their money and I can’t force them to spend it. They also can’t force me to spend MY money and they will get none of it. No tickets, no parking, no concessions, no gear, no TV subscription. Zilch. See how that works, Andrew?


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