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Dodgers News: Kenley Jansen, Clayton Kershaw and More Officially Become Free Agents

We knew this day was coming. As of this morning, 11 Dodgers officially became free agents. They join a list of 160 players from the 30 MLB organizations to hit free agency following the World Series.

LA’s list is as follows:

  • Danny Duffy
  • Cole Hamels
  • Kenley Jansen
  • Clayton Kershaw
  • Corey Knebel
  • Jimmy Nelson
  • Albert Pujols
  • Max Scherzer
  • Corey Seager
  • Steven Souza
  • Chris Taylor

The biggest names now currently on the open market are All-Star shortstop Corey Seager, franchise icon and three-time NL Cy Young award winner Clayton Kershaw, franchise saves leader Kenley Jansen, and trade deadline acquisition and future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer. Those four along with 2021 All-Star Chris Taylor are among the top 50 free agents hitting the market today. Moreover, all of them have varying chances of returning to the Dodgers this winter.

More to come on the offseason hot stove for sure!

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  1. Since we have a week; I would hope that a couple of these guys are kept out of the market. Taylor, Jansen, and Knebel should be prime candidates. Offer Chris 3 years with a 4th year team option. Say 9,10, 11 for the 3 years . More than Kike got with Boston. Throw in a couple incentives. Offer Knebel a Joe Kelly type contract. He’s never made more than 5 1\2 per year. Then Kenley. Not sure he is worth the 20 he just made. But he would get paid by someone. So maybe kick it down a couple mil. And see what happens.

    1. Wayne, I think CT3 will get a 4/70 offer by someone. Tough to say with the CBA up in the air. Just my gut. And he is of course #1 top priority FA.

      I personally think Knebel wants another closer job, to that I say good luck. If not, I say if budget allows, by all means bring back. Certainly can’t have too many quality arms in the pen.

      Nelson? Cya. Better options. Duffy, Hamels? Cya Souza? Lol. Seager? Boras priced him out already. Jansen? Offer fair deal IMHO. See if they can retain him, only he knows.

      AP? Most likely comes back from Dominican Winter-ball 20 lbs lighter and re-signs with the cards.

      Max I think he ends up with the farewell Cards tour as well. Max, Waino, AP, and Yadi? Busch is sold out every home game for sure…kinda a no brainer for them if you ask me. This is entertainment folks!

      That leaves Kersh…unless I’m mis-reading him completely, he stays on incentive laden deal.

      There you have it. Your welcome AFffffff

      You can go on your winter vacation lol.

  2. Get rid of Bauer no matter what or how. He let the team down by his absence, ultimately costing them the NLCS and the WS.

  3. Dodgers have 555 innings pitched to replace if the following pitchers do not return: Kershaw (121) Bauer (107) Jansen (69) Scherzer (68) Kelly (44) Nelson (29) Knebel (25) May (23) Uceta (20) Cleavinger (18) Santana (15) Nate Jones (8) Josiah Gray (8).

    The following pitchers in the system may contribute on average 20 more innings pitched to make up some of the difference: Alexander, Bickford, Bruihl, Ferguson, Gonsolin, Gonzales, Graterol, Jackson, Phillips, White — 200 potential innings replacement by a reasonable number of increased innings from pitchers currently in the system.

    This assumes that four mainstays will pitch about the same number of innings as in 2021: Buehler, Urias, Treinen, Price. This ignores the possibility that some of these four and the “potential to increase innings” pitchers may become injured.

    So, unless some of the free-agent pitchers are re-signed, the Dodgers need to look for over 350 innings from pitchers either outside of the system today or who are in the minors but who did not pitch at the MLB level in 2021.

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