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Dodgers: Important Dates For Free Agents and Potential Offers

The Dodgers are going to be very busy this offseason. And one way or another, chances are that their roster is going to look completely different heading into the 2022 season. Having 11 free agents hit the open market at one time will do that to any team. 

Notably, those 11 players officially became free agents today. That list can be found here.

With that, there are still a few key dates that fans need to keep in mind for free agency. The Dodgers will have a chance to make their qualifying offers to free agents by November 7th. The total for the qualifying offer this year is set at $18.4 million. 

Of the Dodgers pending free agents, there are 3 players that are ineligible to receive the offer. Max Scherzer and Kenley Jansen have previously received a qualifying offer in their career and cannot get another one per MLB’s rules. Danny Duffy was a midseason trade making him ineligible as well. 

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Clayton Kershaw seems like a lock to receive the offer at this point, though the Dodgers will no doubt work on a deal for him. The offer ensures that they receive a compensatory pick should he decide to sign with another team. 

After that, teams are eligible to sign free agents from other teams starting November 8th. How active the market will be is anyone’s guess at this point. With the pending Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations, it’s unclear how motivated players will be to sign before a new deal comes to fruition. 

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  1. When all is done, I don’t believe the couple of players the Dodgers lose/might lose will result in a change so dramatic that the team won’t be contenders or a high favorite.

    1. I agree. You really should be able to contend with a much younger starting rotation. I think the WS champs proved that.

    1. Whether or not that is true or not (I’m inclined to agree there) it still does not absolve him of an atrocious act.

      Let’s face it, the woman had a history of doing the exact same thing to a couple of Padres as well. Clevenger and Tatis.

      1. I would not shut the door on him. The true facts will probably never be known. It would be nice to win with a team made up of choir boys, but this is the real world. There was plenty of love for Andrew Toles. How about some for Trevor?

  2. Have to sign Seager he is a Dodger. Scherzer is also a must as bull pen games are not in anyone’s best interest! Joe, Clayton and Jansen can be signed again but give them incentive based contracts. Taylor is also a must! We will never win a championship again if we keep allowing our home grown talent to leave….Anyone miss Kiki?

    C’mon brass you have more money than God….. don’t mess this up!

  3. No clue what version of Belli shows up in the spring. However, if the .162 version reappears, and you know Dic Roberts will still be around, guess who’s starting in CF
    That said, I’d trade him and sign Nick Castellanos who opted out with the Reds. Only 29, right handed bat which we need and he can mash. Defensive liability but DH is coming. Keep CT for center field if no better options present themselves

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