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Dodgers News: Kenta Maeda Receives $1.5 M Performance Bonus

Earlier this week, The Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Kenta Maeda switched assignments with Jose De Leon in the series against the San Diego Padres. Before the swap De Leon was set to make two starts before the end of the season, however Maeda wanted the two starts.

Maeda pitched four innings giving up three hits and five earned runs in a 6-5 loss. He also had five strikeouts. His record of 16-10 with a 3.28 ERA shows a great start to his Major League career. The 28-year-old Osaka native, leads the team with 31 games started as a pitcher.He will have a total of 32 starts for the season when he starts the final regular season game on Sunday in San Francisco.

Maeda will receive a $1.5 million performance bonus because of his 32 starts this season. Throughout this season, he has collected $8.65 million in performance bonuses. Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts said the switch between De Leon and Maeda was due to the fact Maeda wanted to pitch for a second time before the end of the regular season.

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