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Dodgers News: Kershaw Wants Puig Gone, Per Andy Van Slyke

I honestly didn’t want to write this story. It’s that stupid.

Anyway, Andy Van Slyke went on a radio show today and lit his coaching career on fire with an insane amount of napalm.

Among other things, he torched Robinson Cano for creating dysfunction in the Seattle Mariners clubhouse. Here’s the full transcript, via the Seattle Times. It’s worth a read. There are some doozies in there.

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Van Slyke has gotten by far the most pub, however, for what he had to say about a clubhouse he spent no time in this season. This, via Inside SoCal.

“When the best player, highest-paid player on the Los Angeles Dodgers goes to the GM and … is asked what is the number-one need … of the Los Angeles Dodgers club, this particular highest-paid player said, ‘the first thing you need to do is get rid of Puig’,” Van Slyke said.

When (Frank) Cusumano noted that pitcher Clayton Kershaw is the Dodgers’ highest-paid player, Van Slyke replied, “I didn’t say his name.”

Some have wondered under what kind of state of mind Van Slyke said these things. I won’t say anything for sure, but the tape is certainly damning.

First, Van Slyke comes off as incredibly unprofessional, if not outright childish. Don Mattingly, by comparison, drew great praise for the way he left the Dodgers. He could’ve trashed Puig, but instead gave some constructive criticism on the talented right fielder.

Van Slyke comments felt personal, which is a stride or two beyond the line of what’s acceptable to say in this kind of setting or situation.

Next, and this might not be right of me to wonder if this might be the case, but I can’t help but wonder about the intentions here. Either Scott Van Slyke relayed a message to his dad based on rumblings in the organization, Andy actually has connections to the Dodgers that go above the dugout or he’s making stuff up to help get the guy who plays in front of his son off the team.

It goes without saying Puig is not the most popular guy on the roster, but I just don’t see Kershaw saying this kind of thing in a situation where it might get back to Puig, let alone made public like this.

Now, if we get another drunken rambling from Van Slyke about Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier, though, we’ll definitely know what’s what.

Stay classy, Andy.

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  1. Should have stuck with not writing it. Nothing corroborated so no story. This is as bad as the internet hacks posting online. Seems journalism used to contact the supposed source and fleshed it out to see if it was true or not. Now we just run with whatever tag line comes across our screens. Show some integrity and dont write this crap unless you have actually fleshed it out and can confirm its truth. Its why journalism is losing its credibility.

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