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Dodgers News: LA Insider Thinks He Knows the Answer to Shortstop Problem

There is a good chance that the Dodgers could be losing their All-Star shortstop Trea Turner. Many teams are interested in Turner and have the right to choose where he wants to go. It’ll be nice to bring back Trea or add another one of the all-star shortstops that are available in the market, but we do have one in-house. 

Gavin Lux is a good plan-B to lean on since his primary position is a shortstop and he’s landed himself as a normal fixture in the lineup. 

However, Dodgers insider David Vassegh co-hosted the Petros and Money Show on Friday and says they should trade for a shortstop from a team who will be sellers. 

The Brewers are rumor to be selling. The Brewers have a shortstop by the name of Willy Adames who used to be a Tampa Bay Ray, Andrew Friedman made him a Tampa Bay Ray.  Ken Rosenthal is also reporting that the Brewers may take offers for Corbin Burnes. Cy Young candidate. He would solve a lot of Dodgers pitching holes in their rotation.”

Notably, Dodgers Nation’s Doug McKain suggested this trade nearly two weeks ago, and even earlier than that on DN’s flagship Blue Heaven Podcast. So maybe Vassegh is just a big fan of the network.

At any rate, Adames is 27 years old and currently has two more years of arbitration according to He’s a talented shortstop, but acquiring him alone is not worth adding him to the roster, depending on what Milwaukee might be asking for. However, adding in a player the caliber of Corbin Burnes is a different story. 

Burnes had a great 2022 season, surpassing the 200 inning mark for the first time in his career while posting a 2.94 ERA. The 2021 NL Cy Young award winner also won a career-high 12 games and recorded a career-high 243 strikeouts, tops in the senior circuit. 

Meanwhile, Adames had a solid first full season in Milwaukee; he slashed .238/.298/458 with 31 home runs and 98 RBIs in 563 ABs over 139 games. On the field, he was worth 9 defensive runs saved at shortstop where he showed off his plus range and above average arm.

The addition of Burnes and Adames is certainly intriguing for the boys in blue. But the question will be what kind of prospect haul would it take to get it done?

Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


  1. Miller and Busch (2 beer companies for the Brewers) plus a couple of lower prospects for Adames and Burnes

  2. Well counting Trea, Carlos, Xander, Dansby, Lux, CT3, Amaya, and this guy that makes 8 in the last 5 days. I may have missed a couple.

  3. The real value there would be Burns.

    Mixed bag with Adames: good power, strikes out a ton to go with a low batting average, good defense. Can he catch up to high velocity, etc in the postseason? Strikeouts loose post season games!

    Lux on the other hand has had only one even keel season on offense and may not be able to handle defensive obligations at short. The thought of Muncy at 3b and Lux at SS is scary defensively. History tells us the dodgers do not stick with young shortstops like Lux unless they have outstanding offensive numbers i.e. Seager. All this talk about Lux at short is backstory while we they see how other options play out team wide. He stays at 2b because Busch and Muncy can’t handle 2b without the shift.

  4. I just thought of something funny: u know the Dreaded ” Mendoza line”?! The elite D SS of the we r family team. Whom only could hit right at .200 to .204 every year! He even batted 9th once in a while. Lol. He was once asked – ” hey Raphael, what do u think about being named for something poor”? [ Raphael Mendoza ] ” Me….I love it(!) Every time I watch a game I hear my name “! Lol. Good answer.
    Anyways, that’s not what I was referring to at the start of this book/comment; the NEW ” Mendoza line is the ….Wait for it….THE GALLO line. LMAO. .150 BA. hell, pitchers BA avg is .138. I think the MADDOX line was .100. Forget …Tom glavine could hit well.

  5. Adames was a 30% strikeout king in 2022 and a career 31% S.O. rate, we have enough of those already.

    1. So, he strikes out less than Chris Taylor… Sounds like a deal to me… I’d give the money to Rodon before Burnes.

  6. Someone suggested trading Miller, Busch, and some low level prospects for Adames and Burns…. not going to happen in a Million years. Burns is a top 10 starting pitcher in all of baseball, and last years Cy Young winner. Plus, he is under control for another 2 years. Adames just hit 31 homers and 98 RBI’s on a team that did not score a lot of runs. The Brewers will be asking for Diego Cartaya, Miller, Bush, and some other prospects to get this deal done. They would be crazy to give Burns and Adames up for anything less.

  7. I say let Lux have a chance at short. He was not ready last time. He is now. Forget the Japanese pitcher, go for Rodon or Burnes from the Brewers, if in fact they are looking to move him. We seem to have a lot of pitching availible, but we had the same thing this time last year and looked how it all turned out. Thank God for Anderson and Heany. Oh, and resign Anderson. No brainer.

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