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Dodgers News: LA Reveals 2021 City Connect Jerseys by Nike

Major League Baseball and Nike have partnered together this season to bring new designs to jerseys that help to celebrate the game as well as the tie of home cities that house their respective teams. The newest and latest edition of the City Connect Jerseys belong to the Dodgers or should I say Los Dodgers.

The new Dodgers jersey marks the seventh and final of MLB and Nike’s City Connect jerseys. The other six belong to the Arizona Diamondbacks, Boston RedSox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Miami Marlins, and the San Francisco Giants. 

The organization revealed via Twitter this morning the design for their City Connect Jerseys which has also been released on Nike’s website and select retail locations. 

The full blue jersey features “Los Dodgers” on the chest as well as the hat with a spray paint design on the sleeve, an homage to the mural culture in Los Angeles. The jersey was dropped just before Hispanic Heritage Month and was designed to honor and united the large Hispanic presence in the city as well as the fanbase and team in past years.

While Nike did a fine job, they may have missed the mark just a little. They missed the opportunity to have “Los Doyers” across the chest and pay even more respect to the Hispanic culture in LA, rather than “Los Dodgers.” But hey, we’ll get what we can take. The Boys in Blue will get to look fresh rocking some new unis!

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  1. Dodgers is universal, whether Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, et al — they are the Dodgers

  2. I mean, I don’t hate it, but I guess I was expecting something more creative. I’ll probably get a hat and jersey. I like the idea of Los Dodgers, but not doing cartwheels over the color scheme. It’s alright.

  3. I thought the jerseys with the gold around the lettering really looked sharp. No stupid looking socks. These knee high socks are funny and give the pitcher a site for the knee high socks.I think you have to look the part like the 10,000 dollar necklaces.

  4. Nike does it again! I remember the god awful uniforms they designed for the UCLA football team a while back! Why do teams fall for these Nike atrocities!

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