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Dodgers News: LA Times T.J. Simers Asks Mark McGwire About Roids

Much has been made about the Dodgers lack of runs and for good reason. The Dodgers rank second to last in all of baseball with only 131 runs scored in 38 games played.

However, they’re hitting .260 as a team and find themselves ranked 6th in baseball in on-base percentage. So, what’s the problem? Why aren’t they scoring runs? Well, famed LA Times columnist T.J. Simers interviewed McGwire for the first time and asked him about steroids:

“So given the Dodgers’ lack of power, I asked, “Is it time to introduce the players to steroids?”

“You’re funny,” he said before finally adding, “No. No. The magic potion is in between the ears,” he said. “This game is beautiful, things can change overnight.”

McGwire was supposed to be the Dodgers answer at hitting coach, a position that has changed all too often. From Dave Hansen to Jeff Pentland, the Dodgers haven’t had a solid hitting coach in forever and fans are groaning to dismiss McGwire after 38 games.

While he believes that the Dodgers will start hitting and scoring more runs, McGwire believes that the issues start with, “It’s all about pitch selection. We have really, really good hitters that drive the ball and they’ll hit home runs as the season goes on.”

Last season, McGwire was apart of a Cardinals team that scored the fifth most runs and led the league in on-base percentage.

It’s not to say that the Dodgers won’t hit, it’s just with a $200+ million payroll, you’re expected to produce. While Simers takes jabs at McGwire for his past steroid use, it’s important to take away his message and philosophy of hitting.

Slugger Matt Kemp has just one home run and doesn’t seem to have his power back after offseason shoulder surgery, but it’s no excuse for his offensive production.

Hopefully McGwire is right about the runs eventually scoring, but Dodger fans everywhere are running out of patience.

Ross Gasmer

Ross Gasmer is a Social Media Producer for @TheHerd and was a contributing writer and editor for Dodger Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Ross_Gasmer12

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