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Dodgers News: LHP Garrett Cleavinger Lands on the Injured List

The Dodgers bullpen has been somewhat of a revolving door for most of 2021. With the list of injuries growing seemingly every week, they’ve had to rely on veteran free agent signings and minor league deals to make it by. But the good news is that they’ve been able to keep the main guys out there healthy. 

On Sunday afternoon, the Dodgers placed another bullpen arm on the injured list. Garrett Cleavinger sustained an oblique injury and will not be available to the team for the next week. The southpaw last pitched on Friday night against the Angels when he allowed 2 runs in extra-innings. 

Cleavinger has been one of the better left-handed arms out of the Dodgers bullpen in 2021, even in limited opportunities.  Through 22 games, he has tossed 18 innings and struck out 21 batters. He has also held left-handed batters to a much lower average. 

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In place of Cleavinger, the Dodgers selected the contract of lefty Justin Bruihl from the Triple-A squad. He will slot in as another left-handed option while Cleavinger and Victor Gonzalez are on the injured list. 

The Dodgers head out to Philadelphia this week to play a 3-game set with the Phillies starting Tuesday. After that, they had to Queens to take on the Mets in a weekend. series. 

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  1. The only injury appears to be psychological. The minute someone in the bullpen gives up a couple of runs (except Jansen, of course) they immediately hit the IL. Coincidence? I think not.

    1. It is rather strange that this revolving door of relievers keeps in full time mode several times a week. Just wondering if Dodgers are dealing with some players that easily break like glass.

      1. So that’s 14 pitchers on the DL in one season? What is this? Has to be either the shortened spring training or a change in the mass of the baseballs being used this year. During spring training, we had very few two squad days where Squad A played the White Sox and Squad B played the Angels. This meant that a lot of relievers just didn’t get repeats of time in the mounds—and starters couldn’t be stretched to 6 or 7 innings.

  2. “He also held left handers to a much lower avg”….OK, lower than what????

    I think it is great for the Dodgers to let Jr. High students submit their unedited stories….

    1. Roberts burning C level minor league talent, Cleavinger only 4 Blown games. So he can save the Bull Pen High leverage reliever Jansen who only has 7 blown saves. Total them up 11 games.. How many games are we back?

  3. So what’s up with all these injuries? Assuming they are legit, is this a matter of mismanagement/misuse by the skipper? Poor training? Being overly cautious? I can’t remember a single year in my 50+ years of following LA where so many players have cycled in and out of the roster due to injuries.

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