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Dodgers News: Logan Forsythe “Likely” to Hit Leadoff

The Dodgers not only found a second baseman, but they also got a leadoff hitter.

Logan Forsythe will probably be a mainstay as the first batter every day, per Dave Roberts. It’s a familiar role for Forsythe, who served as the Rays leadoff man in 77 percent of their games in 2016.

Forsythe hit leadoff in 125 games last season, though he’s previously hit all across the lineup. While an above-average bat, Forsythe also flashed a little pop with 20 home runs and 24 doubles. Los Angeles lacked a true leadoff man a season ago, making Forsythe that much more of an asset. In addition, his right-handed bat could be shifted around to appropriately fit a lefty heavy group.

Versatility is key to the Dodgers’ organization, and Forsythe’s ability to move around will come in handy during the dog days of summer.

The Dodgers should wait to extend Logan Forsythe

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  1. You speak of him leading off. I ask why. Just because he lead off in Tampa is no reason. Ask Dave Roerts his reason. Later you mentioned how he would move the runners. What runners? The number eight and ninth hitters? They won’t likely be on base anyway. Look the man is a good contact hitter, whom his best spot would be the number two hitter or third since Agon is no more the hitter that he was say three years ago. At two or three he has a chance to knock in runs. Leading off and hoping that the two worse hitters on the team ( and they are there for a reason ) will be on base is folly.

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