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Dodgers News: Longtime LA Insider Believes that Clayton Kershaw’s Comments About Freddie Freeman Were Taken Out of Context

Much has been made about Freddie Freeman’s emotional return to Atlanta this past weekend. The Dodgers first baseman shed many a tear during his three days at Truist Park. His tear-filled pregame press conference on Friday were replayed non-stop on Sunday’s national broadcast on ESPN. In response to Freeman’s emotions, Dodgers franchise pitcher Clayton Kershaw said he hopes the Dodgers aren’t Freddie’s “second fiddle”.

On Tuesday, Alanna Rizzo, who was a Dodgers reporter for years with SportsNet LA, stated that she thinks Kershaw’s words, which made headlines, were taken out of context. Rizzo explained during a recent episode of MLB Network’s High Heat.

“I think Clayton Kershaw’s comments about hoping that the Dodgers are not ‘second fiddle’, I think that’s taken out of context. I know Kershaw pretty well, I’d like to say I think I know what he was talking about here. He’s not trying to start any sort of controversy.”

To Rizzo’s point, Kershaw has a long history of not making waves in the media despite his stature in on one of baseball’s premier franchises. Kershaw has been front and center for years in the baseball world, and rarely, if ever, missteps with a quote. 

So much so that during an exclusive interview with Dodgers Nation, ESPN’s Karl Ravech remarked that Clayton’s ability to avoid any and all drama is one of the defining characteristics of his storied career.

Rizzo doubled down on her take that Kershaw wasn’t taking a shot at Freeman and how he’s handling his transition from the Braves to the Dodgers. 

“He acknowledges the fact that the Braves love Freddie. Freddie was emotional. Freddie is an emotional guy, he always has been, but Clayton is not saying that Freddie isn’t excited to be in LA.”

With all that being said, it appears that some of the Freeman drama is coming to a close. The first baseman explained just this afternoon that he’s “happy to be a Dodger” and called for “closure” on the Atlanta narrative. 

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Dodgers News: Freddie Freeman Responds to Media Criticism Over His Weekend Emotions With the Braves

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