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Dodgers News: Matt Kemp Disappointed in Suspended Ryan Braun

Matt Kemp is once again out of the lineup because of an ankle injury, but that’s taken a back seat to Ryan Braun’s announcement that he’s  guilty of using performance enhancing drugs. Kemp who was the runner-up for the 2011 NL MVP, publicly supported Braun when he was first accused of using PEDs and handled the situation with a lot of  class.

In light of all that occurred in the past 24 hours, Kemp’s opinion has sure changed and he’s very disappointed about Braun’s news.

Bill Plunkett of the OC Register spoke to Kemp about how he feels about Braun’s suspension:

“Yeah, I’m disappointed. I don’t like to get lied to. But a lot of other people are in the same boat. I’m just another guy on the list that’s disappointed by what’s come about the last couple days.”

Kemp isn’t the only Dodger to raise his voice about Braun, as Skip Schumaker said he would take down a signed Braun jersey from his sons room and that Braun should give Kemp the award.

However, Kemp had been gracious about this whole ordeal, but has to accept the fact that he was not playing on an even playing field with Braun. Still, he wants nothing to do with the 2011 NL MVP award according to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times:

Hopefully the Braun ordeal is behind Kemp and major league baseball as the Dodgers focus on getting their star center fielder back on the field.





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