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Dodgers News: Matt Kemp Speaks Out On His Possible Return From Injury

As the steady flow of good news continues to come to the Dodgers about their injuries, the Dodgers continue to play good baseball. Hanley Ramirez is tweeting that he is feeling better and better each day and Brian Wilson is making his debut today for the Class A Rancho Cucomunga.

While Don Mattingly hasn’t been all too good about predicting when players will return from injury, it sounds like the players are taking matters into their own hands and reporting their timetables.

According to Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register, outfielder Matt Kemp said that he will be returning before September.

Kemp took a positive step forward today as he started to play catch and hit off a tee yesterday in St. Louis. If Kemp comes back healthy,  the Dodgers could further run away from everyone in the NL West. They currently hold a five game lead over the second place Arizona Diamondbacks and are set to play them seven more times this season.

We can only hope by that time in September the Dodgers will have, for the first time this season, a healthy lineup as the pennant race heats up. As we all know Kemp has spent an enormous amount of time on the DL this year and it would be such a relief to finally see him back on the field sooner than later.


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