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Dodgers News: Matt Kemp Suspended One Game For Home Plate Collision

On Wednesday night, Matt Kemp was ejected after a home plate collision with Robinson Chirinos of the Texas Rangers. I remember a time when this type of play was common. I understand – to a degree – why baseball needed to eliminate these plays. Still, it was hard for me to see the umpire give Kemp the heave-ho in a tight game.

The altercation seemed to fire up the home crowd and the Dodgers. The boys in blue won the game late 3-2 on an exciting walk off play. For the most part, this is where I believed the story would end.

But not so fast.

Major League Baseball has suspended Kemp for one game for his ‘conflict’ with Chirinos at home plate. Kemp will appeal the suspension.

This is unfortunate. I don’t just say this because Matt Kemp is having an All-Star and potentially MVP season as a Dodger. While it’s only one game, I don’t get the sense by listening to Kemp talk about the incident that he really needed to be taught any type of lesson.

Keep playing the game hard, Matt. These are the type of moments that define the character make-up of a team, and often become a rallying cry.


Our Senior Editor Brook Smith brought up a great point – Kemp can just kind of appeal this until he has a scheduled day of rest and then ‘serve’ the suspension. For me, I am such an old school guy in terms of baseball. Often, I cringe when I see the shift. I remember a moment in time when these plays were just part of baseball. While understanding the dangers of home plate collisions – and that brawls and violence are never the answer – it’s tough for me to see Matt Kemp punished for playing the game the way I want to see him play it. In terms of him not playing one game, the Dodgers have plenty of hot bats to step into his place and let him watch from the clubhouse at the current time.

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  1. What made this worse was that the other players ran on the field. Baseball needs to what what Hockey, Baseball and Football do. Any player that leaves bench and goes out on the ice , field or court will be ejected and suspended for on game. That ended the bench clearing episodes.
    Time for MLB to have the same rule.

  2. The umpire said Kemp and his collision counterpart were NOT ejected for the collision itself, but rather for the ensuing shoving match.

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